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U Condominiums 
Bay Street And St. Mary Street, Toronto
Developer: Pemberton Group

U Condominiums | 184m | 56s | Pemberton | architectsAlliance

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by blixa442, May 25, 2006.

  1. blixa442

    blixa442 Guest

    Speaking of Bay St., are there any rumours regarding the parking lot next to the church south of the Bay Charles Towers? I think the church sold it a while ago for a possible condo development.

  2. ^ Didn't St. Mike's sell that land so 2 condos could be built?
  3. Ed007Toronto

    Ed007Toronto Guest

    I recall St Mike's trying to sell it in the 80's just as the recession hit. Not sure if they actually did end up selling it.
  4. ratoronto

    ratoronto Guest

    Was in the papers last year... UofT's St. Michael's College sold the parking lot to Marco Muzzo for condos... he assured the university that, after development, the field behind the parking lot would be preserved and could be used by students (it is currently SMC's 'Frosh Field'). Muzzo also agreed to donate $5 Million to the College to spruce up SMC's lands/public art/landscaping with particular emphasis on the courtyard between Brennan Hall, Carr Hall, and Teefy Hall.
  5. boons97

    boons97 Guest

    U Condos (St. Michael's College - 55s/45s, aA)

    There's an Official Plan Amendment sign up at the NW corner of Bay and St. Joseph for the redevelopment of the St. Mike's parking lot. Three towers, 45, 37 and 20-something stories. And three other buildings, 6 stories high.
  6. Ed007Toronto

    Ed007Toronto Guest

    Is that new? Hasn't that been there since the late 80's when St Mike's was planning to sell the land for condos?
  7. boons97

    boons97 Guest

    The sign is new. St. Mike's officially sold their land to a developer last year, I can't remember to which one, but they said at that point they were going to wait five years or something before going forward. Maybe the process has sped up.
  8. Mike in TO

    Mike in TO Guest

    By the time they go through the approvals process and marketing it may well be 5 years from when they said that a year ago until they break ground.
  9. blixa442

    blixa442 Guest

    Fabulous. Bay St. is getting better by the day... It would be nice to fill up the parking lots between Dundas and Gerrard though, but this one will be a good addition.
  10. I hope it has retail under arches!
  11. alklay

    alklay Guest

    Oh, it will. It will. ;)
  12. #12
  13. I'll stir up the storm clouds a bit:

    What an outrageous proposal!

    This would not be the first time that a developer has pushed the boundaries beyond the pale in an attempt to get some big increases over what is already allowed (like that 38 or so storey tower that was first proposed for the Yonge Street site just south of historic North Toronto Station), but this is just insulting.

    Based on the history of recents plans the site, and the official plans in place for the greenspace at Bay and St Joseph, this application is a F-U not just to local stakeholders, but to Torontonains at large owing to the high profile frontage on Bay Street.

    I am glad to see the Planning Department detailing the lengthy list of concerns that this proposal creates, and I'm looking forward to my turn at the mic at any relevant public meetings - bring them on!

    steamed 42
  14. alklay

    alklay Guest

    Residential entrances on Bay Street and the loss of green space in an area with little green space? I am not excited by this project.

    There is little doubt that it will change somewhat (the city is already wanting some form of a parkette) but there is also no doubt that they can go to the OMB and pretty much get what they want.

    This is proposal number 1. I am interested in seeing what is next (then I can really start complaining ;) ).
  15. You can just see the storm that's forming oveer this one, particularily with the 37s on top of the green space at the corner of Bay and St Joseph, but the real horible part are all the townhomes ... on ... Bay ... Street! That's just stupid.

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