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St. Clair West Transit Improvements 
Developer: Toronto Transit Commission

St. Clair West Transit Improvements | ?m | ?s | TTC

Discussion in 'Transportation and Infrastructure' started by Irishmunk, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Irishmunk

    Irishmunk Guest

    St Clair ROW underway?

    Buses are running along St Clair now and a short section of new streetcar tracks has been laid down on the east side of the Yonge/St Clair intersection, and all corners of the crossing are being intensely worked on. Anyone know if this is the actual ROW? (I've been out of town for a few weeks so if this is old news pls disregard).

  2. miketoronto

    miketoronto Guest

    TTC is allowed to restore the tracks. But they are not allowed to continue building private ROW at this time, do to court action being taken against the TTC by residents and business on St Clair Ave West, who do not want a streetcar row destroying their neighbourhood and business.
  3. EnviroTO

    EnviroTO Guest

    How can they restore the tracks without the decision. Isn't the planned ROW raised?
  4. miketoronto

    miketoronto Guest

    They are allowed to make needed repairs, etc to tracks.

    But no ROW can be built, etc, untill the lawsuit is settled now.

    ROW construction was ordered stopped by the court in late Sept.
  5. spmarshall

    spmarshall Guest

    What a bunch of sore losers. The city bent over backwards to accomodate the complaints of the store owners and residents. I hope they end up having to pay the city's legal costs when this is all done.
  6. jericho32

    jericho32 Guest

    They should forced to attend:
    'How to build a city 101'
  7. GeekyBoyTO

    GeekyBoyTO Guest

    Ideally, they should move to Vaughn instead.

  8. Court hearing is currently underway.
  9. Darkstar416

    Darkstar416 Guest

    They already live there.
  10. rbtaylor

    rbtaylor Guest

    And from the way they describe it, so do their customers.
  11. drum118

    drum118 Guest

    Everyone should look at the south-west corner where you will see an 5'-3 wide sidewalk >: >: being install compare to the 8 foot one was there before. Backs up SOS claim from day one about the city. How busy is this concer in the first place?

    I was royal >: >: >: tick off with this when I say the curb former on site Sat and where the curb was going to be.

    It falls under city guideline for wheelchairs.

    As of last night, they were pouring concrete to hold the tracks sleepers in place and were to pour the top coat between the track today.

    You can walk faster from Deer Park the last TTC stop before Yonge than wait on the bus to get to Yonge. I have even done this from Avenue Rd.

    I waited 20 minutes for a westbound bus last night at St Clair west station and they was a crowd standing there when I got there at 6:20pm. The bus took 10 minutes to get to Yonge after I got off it at Deer Park and there were 7 buses behind it when it hit Yonge. A hugh crowd of over 20 riders were waiting for an eastbound bus when I got to Yonge. They got pickup by the 4 bus following the bus the bus I was on, some 20 minutes later as the ones in front of it were pack full. It was almost pack forcing some of the other riders to wait for the next one.The last one only had 4 riders on it.

    They were diging up the 2 south corners. They were also digging a trench across the eastbound road lanes forecing the traffic onto the tracks on the westside to dig up existing cables and replace them with new ones.

    If TTC wins this court action:rollin , it will full steam ahead for the tracks. The city is now procceding with the replacing the existing southside sidewalk that is up to 55 St Clair so far.

    Not sure what Toronto Hydro plans are for replacing thoses existing streetpoles with underground ones like the rest of the area is so far. Hydro could dig a trench where the new sidewalk is going first and then replace the pole. They have already done this along most of phase one todate.

  12. dan e 1980

    dan e 1980 Guest

    what's with the freaking hold up! >:
  13. rbtaylor

    rbtaylor Guest

    Of course it does. SOS demanded car traffic be sustained (first demand) and the City responded with "in order to do that we'll need to do a, b and c".

    The SOS took a, b and c as their new complaints, the sidewalks being one of them.

    If they demanded additional pedestrian space, they very well could have had 20' sidewalks on both sides and a single lane for traffic with no parking.
  14. EnviroTO

    EnviroTO Guest

    The city preferred one lane of traffic each way, left turn lanes, and a lane of parking. SOS/StClair Neighbourhood groups forced the city to add another lane for cars and keep the parking so voila... the sidewalk shrinks. It is pretty basic math... the more lanes dedicated to cars the less space there is available for sidewalks. The silly business owners think they get a lot of walk-in traffic from cars speeding by on a four lane road at 60km/h. I disagree with them... in the middle lane at 60km/h they won't even be reading the sign. In slow traffic you notice more along the side of the road, as speed increases you focus more and more on the road straight in front of you.
  15. adma

    adma Guest

    Good argument for a Metropass, i.e. rather than waiting at the bus bay, just exit and board a W-bound bus at Yonge & St. Clair--and if you're going E-bound, just get off at Deer Park & walk.

    Sorry about the "Harris Tory cabinet minister soundbite blunder" talk there...

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