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Pinnacle Centre Condos 
12 Yonge St, Toronto
Developer: Pinnacle International

Pinnacle Centre Condos | 162m | 55s | Pinnacle | P + S / IBI

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by Archivistower, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. An ad today in the Real Estate section of the Globe advertises the next phase of the Pinnacle project, with the grotesque name Success Tower. The ad looks like it was designed by a grade eight student, but the building looks reasonable. And big, 50 floors. Sorry, too big to scan.

  2. I think someone posted the rendering of that tower months ago somewhere on UT.

  3. Mike in TO

    Mike in TO Guest

    I walked by the site a couple of days ago and the project signage is up for the third phase. I don't think the name matters, it will just be another phase of the pinnacle centre.

    I've been impressed by what the builder has done with the base along Yonge St. Very wide sidewalks with large planters and gardens and nice brick work in the sidewalks. More street lighting is on the way (someone should snap a few photos).

    Also at 18 Yonge the right turn ramp/lane has been removed (from Yonge turning right onto Lakeshore) and is being replaced with once again extra wide sidewalks. It looks like the city and builders are getting it right in trying to improve the pedestrian realm, despite the extremely hostile territory under and around the gardiner. My only disappointment is despite all the extra wide sidewalks, one still has to travel in a very thin sidewalk under the tracks - it's too bad a large teamway similar to the west side of Bay Street isn't possible in this location under the train tracks.
  4. urbanboyto

    urbanboyto Guest

    is that really the name? Sounds like some kind of MBA wet dream. lol
  5. 3Dementia

    3Dementia Guest

    Is this it (from Urban DB)?

  6. alklay

    alklay Guest

  7. allabootmatt

    allabootmatt Guest

    Pinnacle is also cladding the concrete base columns, which is relatively rare in TO projects (viz. Pharmacy) with what looks like brushed steel.
  8. thx1038

    thx1038 Guest

    whats that box shaped area at the top.... some sort of 3 level penthouse?
  9. mark simpson

    mark simpson Guest

    looks like construction has started
  10. Canuck 36

    Canuck 36 Guest

    Really? Seemed kinda fast.
  11. mark simpson

    mark simpson Guest

    don't know what else they'd be drilling for on the site (I do recall the other two towers were built 'on spec')
  12. Whenever I read "Success Tower" I get an image of a very bad powerpoint presentation. You know, one with excess use of MS Clipart. KEYS TO SUCCESS! STRATEGIC PLANNING!
  13. bizorky

    bizorky Guest

    Other buildings on this project started construction before they hit 50% in sales, so I would not be too surprised if construction was actually under way.
  14. wyliepoon

    wyliepoon Guest

    Maybe they're using the name to sell to Chinese buyers. Most building, street, and neighbourhood names in places like China and Hong Kong have to do with things like success, good fortune, wealth, longevity, etc. to make them more appealing.
  15. Naming

    Does that mean we can look forward to "Longevity Place Phase 2" some day?

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