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206 Bloor West, Toronto
Developer: Yorkville Group

MuseumHouse | 71m | 19s | Yorkville Group | P + S / IBI

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by AlvinofDiaspar, Sep 6, 2006.

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  2. This was kicking around about a year ago ... it's on the Pizza Hut site, next to the laneway.
  3. Ed007Toronto

    Ed007Toronto Guest

    A south facing penthouse here would just be about perfect.
  4. gbelan

    gbelan Guest

    thats my favorite pizza hut^maybe they will open one in metropolis.umm stuffed crust.
  5. gbelan

    gbelan Guest

    thirty four 2 bedroom units only.$$$
  6. Museum Tower

    204 Bloor Street West has an ad today in the Globe's Real Estate Section. It is being marketed as the Museum Tower, appropriately enough.
  7. ^is there a web site?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Mike in TO

    Mike in TO Guest

    Is that space for upscale retail on bloor or just a lobby?

    Hopefully this development along with One Bedford will help to continue the vibrant retail strip westward (too bad the new stadium on the south side of Bloor doesn't have retail facing Bloor... lost opportunity)
  10. Ed007Toronto

    Ed007Toronto Guest

    Is this the one at the Pizza Hut location?
  11. urbanboyto

    urbanboyto Guest

    What street corner is that?
  12. livesquid

    livesquid Guest

  13. rjeffers

    rjeffers Guest

  14. Looks alright, just more added density. I like how the fronting on Bloor is narrow while the massing of the building is along the driveway to allow density while saving space.

    If only the Intercontinental Hotel would redevelop their building though..

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