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Florian, The 
100 Davenport Road, Toronto
Developer: Diamante Development

Florian, The | ?m | 25s | Diamante Development | Hariri Pontarini

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by thx1038, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. thx1038

    thx1038 Guest

    This Just In...

    New condo to replace the Goodlife Fitness Gym at Bay + Davenport. 22 Levels, by Dimante (One City Hall), will be announced officially in about a year. More to come.


  2. jgreebnerg76

    jgreebnerg76 Guest

    The Goodlife closed a few weeks ago. Here is the site.


  3. mark simpson

    mark simpson Guest

    we already know this (we've even seen elevation drawings courtesy of the re-zoning application)
  4. thx1038

    thx1038 Guest

    ^ CAn someone please post. thanks!
  5. mark simpson

    mark simpson Guest

  6. yyzer

    yyzer Guest

    The Florian, 22 Storeys at Bay and Davenport

    Reported in today's National Post, a 22 storey condo by Diamante, coming soon to Bay and's the website for pre-registration only (no pics)
  7. Be nice if this one finally goes to market.

  8. Achivis, you just beat me to posting the rendering :p

    Oh's the other one from HP's website:


    I really like how the podium curves to match the sidewalk.
  9. samplain

    samplain Guest

    this will replace the gym/parking lot on the N/E corner?
  10. yinyang41

    yinyang41 Guest

    looks like it yeah, wonder how much the suites will cost
  11. Appears to have an attractive street presence, but the mechanical might be a problem. Overall should be a good fit at that location.
  12. Interesting, that rendering shows the massing for what looks to be the future condos on the Canadian Tire parking lot site. Lotus is visible as well.
    With Four Seasons there shouldn't be many surface parking lots left in the area.
  13. Ed007Toronto

    Ed007Toronto Guest

    Wasn't the city fighting this one due to its height? Did the OMB ultimately approve?
  14. mark simpson

    mark simpson Guest

    " surface parking lots "

    just the one to the south of the building across the street
  15. There was an ad for this thing in last night's opera programme.

    Presentation centre launches Spring 2007. Prices range from $700,000 to over $3 million.

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