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CrystalBlu Condos 
21 Balmuto Street, Toronto
Developer: Bazis

CrystalBlu Condos | ?m | 36s | Bazis | Burka

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by tkip, May 20, 2006.

  1. tkip

    tkip Guest

    Just found out on a another forum, that CrystalBlu has been redesigned and no longer has the curved sides. Rectangular looking now. Boring.

  2. bizorky

    bizorky Guest

    New name, too: CrystalBlah.
  3. ceaz40

    ceaz40 Guest

    Please tell me this isn't so.....that original design was gorgeous...why the change?..... does anyone have a pic of what it will look like now?
  4. Enjoy


    It still may have a curve. If we're looking at this from the North/West side, then the curve would be facing South towards the uptown tower. Then again the city report shows it having both sides curved, so maybe this is just an old rendering that's managed to somehow slip through the cracks. Either way the area is going to improve and get some sick density.
  5. Especially if you consider that that kind of luniescent deep blue (blu?) in renderings is always the least likely to actually turn out in real life.

    Take RoCP:




    (picture thieved from cassius' update)

    Notice the beautiful glowing blue glass in the centre of the update photo...

    And then there was the case of the Stinson Speed Stick...
  6. This new redesign is not nearly as nice. Why would they change the design to this, to save money? Once people compare this new design, with the other one, how can they not be disappointed?
  7. simple. people can actually fit furniture into units with straight walls.
  8. gbelan

    gbelan Guest

    i think the new crystalblu design works better beside uptown.
  9. I think it's so close to Uptown that the curve at least on the one side would have been a waste of time.
  10. Mike in TO

    Mike in TO Guest

    With two rendering floating around we're not really going to know which it is until the sales centre opens with all the floor plans.

    As for the RoCP picture above - it's not really fair to compare the shinny blue rendering with a shot in the shade.

    If you were to actually go down and view the tower, the glass at the top is clearly blue - the colour actually changes depending on the angle of the sun. Does every project have to go through this "the glass colour isn't identical to what the artist depicted on the renderings 5 years ago - shame shame on those evil glass changing developers..."?

    Besides not all renderings are the same - the Murano rendering shows blue glass, while the model shows grey glass. I guess that means everyone should be disappointed already as the glass isn't going to turn out exactly as the artist thought it would.
  11. ^ Hmm. I'll take you up on your challenge, and take a sunny shot next time I'm in the area. I still don't think there'll be any comparison, but we'll see.

    I don't think the compulsive phosphorification (woo!) of blue glass is the end of the world; it's just a thing that people who draw building renderings do, much in the same was as people who draw urban design renderings populate their streets with beautiful mature trees, when in reality we get Charlie Brown Christmas trees (if anything). And how food cosmeticians cover Big Macs with hairspray to make them more appetizing for the camera. It's just how it goes.
  12. The major difference between the ROCP rendering and the actual curtain wall seems to be the mullions, from what I can see. They've been installed as silver, and fairly thick, so you'll never see that big expanse of blue in the rendering, which frankly is pretty unrealistic. You can easily have a pristine curtain wall with concealled joints on an office building because there's no opperable windows, vents, etc. (See Maclean Hunter Building.) On a condo that's pretty hard to do.

    That said, I personally don't like highly reflective blue (mirror) glass anyway, but I think I'm outnumbered, at least on this forum.
  13. ^ thanks for the elucidation... much the same thing seemed to happen at 1KW: perhaps not a difference in the nature of the glass, as there being less glass period on the "shiny blue part."

    And for what it's worth, I think 1KW turned out quite nicely, as will RoCP. But the compulsive over-rendering still bugs me on principle.
  14. adma

    adma Guest

    I still think it needs a top
  15. ^How about a big, blue sapphire disco ball on top?

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