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Absolute World 
50 Absolute Dr. , Mississauga
Developer: Cityzen Development Group, Fernbrook Homes

Absolute World | 170m | 56s | Cityzen | MAD architects

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by yyzer, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. yyzer

    yyzer Guest

    Attention News/Arts/Design/Real Estate/Architecture/Assignment Editors:

    Architects from 70 nations focus on Toronto as Absolute picks tower design finalists
    TORONTO, Jan. 24 /CNW/ - Fernbrook Homes and Cityzen Development Group
    will announce the six finalists for the design of the landmark tower at its
    Absolute Community in Mississauga, at 12 noon, Monday, January 30 in the east
    end of the Atrium at BCE Place in downtown Toronto.
    The competition is the first open international design competition in the
    GTA since proposals were requested for Toronto's City Hall 40 years ago and is
    the first time in GTA history that a private development group has staged such
    a competition.
    The event has drawn more than 600 registrants and 92 submissions from
    architects in 70 countries and all continents except Antarctica.
    Designs are for a new residential condominium tower of at least 50
    stories planned for the northeast corner of Hurontario Street and
    Burnhamthorpe Road in the heart of Mississauga. The new tower will serve as an
    anchor for the Absolute Community now underway on the 11-acre site.
    Six finalists were chosen to advance to phase two of the competition,
    which involves preparing detailed concepts, drawings and plans. Seven honorary
    mentions will also be announced. Submissions of the finalists and honorary
    mentions will be on display.
    "This is a major event in the world of international architecture," says
    Antonio Gomez-Palacio, partner in Office for Urbanism Inc., the planning and
    urban design group retained to organize the competition. "Winning this event
    brings with it enormous cachet internationally. It is also unusual in that a
    private group is sponsoring it. Such events are extremely rare."

    When: Monday, January 30th at 12 noon
    Where: The Atrium, BCE Place
    What: Announcement of six architectural design finalists

    For further information: Media Contact: Vicki Griffiths, Vicbar
    Marketing Limited, Ph: (416) 510-0073, Fax: (416) 510-0703,

  2. simply Dan

    simply Dan Guest

    Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    Wow. That is pretty incredible!
  3. Ed007Toronto

    Ed007Toronto Guest

    Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    That is great. Fingers crossed that it will be a stunner.
  4. Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    The best part about this is that most of the architects proably are not familiar with Mississauga and wont design the tower with a strip plaza and parking lot.
  5. Canuck 36

    Canuck 36 Guest

    Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

  6. Jarrek

    Jarrek Guest

    Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    Representatives from Antarctica declined to comment ...

  7. cassiusa

    cassiusa Guest

    Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    Since the competition isn't limited to just architects I had planned to put together a design. But after registering I realized how much they were looking for and there was no way I could afford that much time.

    It should be interesting to see what some of the competitors came up with.

    I guess now the question is, will this be built before Amacon's 50+ tower to become Mississauga's first true 500' skyscraper?
  8. jeicow

    jeicow Guest

    Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    ^ I actually started putting some stuff together too but they update their information regarding submissions and you had to be a liscensed/chartered architect it you're country. It sucked but meh, I liked getting more information about it early. Thank god for open contests.
  9. FutureMayor

    FutureMayor Guest

    Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    Absolute Design Competition draws massive international interest

    TORONTO and MISSISSAUGA, ON, Jan. 18 /CNW/ - Among international architects Mississauga has become a hot destination, thanks to an innovative approach to design launched by Fernbrook Homes and the Cityzen Development

    The pair are partners in Mississauga's new Absolute Community, the fastest selling condominium project in the city. To celebrate the launch of Absolute's landmark tower at Mississauga's most high profile corner on the northeast corner of Hurontario Street and Burnhamthorpe Road, Fernbrook and
    Cityzen announced an international design competition.

    Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion revealed details of the competition November 28 as part of the 24th annual Mississauga Urban Design Awards ceremony.

    The response? To date over 600 architects have expressed interest in entering the competition, according to Fernbrook president Danny Salvatore.

    "The response has been overwhelming," he says. "Top firms from all over the world have expressed an interest. They love the challenge; they are impressed with the community and they know the winner will become an almost instant icon."

    Some of the countries that have expressed interest include Argentina, Australia, France, Egypt, Finland, India, Mexico, Russia, the U.S.A., and Malaysia.

    A world-class building for a world-class project, adds Sam Crignano, president of Cityzen Group.

    "Since we launched the new Absolute Community it has proved to be the fastest-selling project in this city," he says. "There is a good reason for that. Buyers are telling us it is the near perfect new condominium community - the best location in Mississauga, the best exterior and suite design, the best amenities package, the best prices.

    "This competition will allow us to build on what we have created to date. It will be an international landmark," adds Crignano.

    The new Absolute tower, the fourth tower in the community, will rise at least 50 stories above Hurontario Street and Burnhamthorpe Road and will anchor the northeast corner of the 11-acre site. Two other towers are already
    under construction and a third, the Vision Tower, is nearing the construction phase.

    When completed the master-planned Absolute Community will be home to 1,800 families in five towers plus townhouses. Its centrepiece will be the 30,000-square-foot Absolute Club, the largest private recreation facility in the city.

    Submissions will be judged by a panel which will include architects, civic leaders and the development team. Those on the jury include: Larry Beasley, co-director of Planning, City of Vancouver; Colin Fournier, Professor of Architecture and Urbanism; Bartlett School of Architecture, London, UK; Sol
    Wassermuhl, president Page + Steele Architects, Toronto; Claude LaCombe, EI Richmond Architects, Toronto; Michael Spaziani, MSAi, Toronto; Danny Salvatore, president, Fernbrook Homes; Sam Crignano and Paulo Stellato of
    Cityzen Development Group; and Ed Sajecki, Commissioner of Planning and Building, City of Mississauga. From the proposals received, four to six finalists will be announced on January 30. Another five will be awarded honourable mentions.

    On January 30, the finalists will be in town to participate in a complete site tour of the Absolute community. The four to six finalists will each create more detailed plans for the final stage of the competition.

    To involve the general public in the process, the Absolute team will also stage a public exhibition of the finalists' submissions at Square One Shopping Centre from February 6th to March 6th where people will be able to vote on their favourite design. The finalists and honourable mentions will also be on display in the Great Hall of Mississauga City Hall From January 30th to February 17th.

    "What we are looking for is new and creative ideas," says Mr. Salvatore. "Absolute stands at the crossroads of Mississauga, Canada's 6th largest city. The site is Mississauga's most high-profile location.

    "This new building will be an instant icon, standing not just for the Absolute Community but for the entire city."

    "What we are also looking for is an exciting vision," says Mr. Crignano. "We are extremely proud of what we have done to date but what we now want is to lift the community and the city to the next level - international stature
    and recognition."

  10. FutureMayor

    FutureMayor Guest

    Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    January 30 will be an historic day for Mississauga City Centre.

    I actually spoke to Hazel about this competition on Friday and this international design competition will help not only raise the bar for high density projects in Mississauga City Centre but in all of the GTA as well.

    I will be at the press conference on the January 30 to see first had the design proposals!

    Later that same evening, I will be participating along with members from UT and SSC on the "Placemaking" Forum on the future of Public Spaces for Mississauga City Centre.

    We are moving in the right direction and we only have just begun!

  11. Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    I'm quite impressed by this and I look forward to seeing the result. May it set a new standard for condo design.
  12. mark simpson

    mark simpson Guest

    Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    Which firm designed the first 3 towers?

    And what about the last tower?
  13. Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    Excellent! Glad to be coming for both bits of fun on the 30th!

  14. Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    I have often thought that Missisauga could reposition itself ahead of Toronto through a slew of design-savvy moves such as this. They've got the available space.
  15. FutureMayor

    FutureMayor Guest

    Re: Architects from 70 Countries bidding for Absolute Projec

    hehe, babel. I do recall you suggesting that me on several ocassions.

    Now I'm pushing the Mayor to launch an international design competition to redesign Square One! :eek :b :D


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