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    Deadline for submissions is Sept. 22

    Beautiful buildings, signature landscapes and great public spaces are important elements in shaping a dynamic, distinctive and delightful city. The City of Vaughan celebrates excellence in architecture with the Urban Design Awards and is calling on residents and businesses to submit nominations for local developments that exemplify these qualities.

    The Urban Design Awards recognize recent projects in Vaughan that have contributed to the growth and identity of the city, including consideration of:
    • High-quality architecture
    • Enhancement of the public realm
    • Advancement of a street network that encourages walking, cycling and transit use
    • Preservation of cultural heritage
    • Contribution to wellness, social equity and universal accessibility
    • Environmentally sustainable design
    This year’s awards will feature two categories – Award of Excellence and Award of Merit – to recognize and celebrate the various types of urban design and cultural heritage projects throughout the City. Entries will be judged on the basis of City-wide significance, sustainability, compatibility, innovation and creativity, and execution. Recipients of these awards will be honoured at the Vaughan Urban Design Awards Gala on Nov. 15 at Vaughan City Hall.

    Application forms and details are available at the Development Planning department or online at The deadline for submitting an application is Sept. 22.


    “Creating unique spaces which define the very essence of life in our city is a way of manifesting our authentic spirit. The Urban Design Awards reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation in city-building. They recognize the contribution made by individuals and businesses who are mindful of the importance of embracing the present while remaining historically significant in the future. The fusion of the physical structures and spiritual dimensions generates the energy which is felt and experienced by the citizens of our community. Ultimately, the awards serve to express gratitude and recognition to those who offer their talent to make Vaughan the place to be.”
    -Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua

    • Entries will be judged by a five-member jury panel comprised of one representative from the City and four representatives from relevant professional disciplines. On this basis, the Urban Design Awards jury panel will consist of two architects, a landscape architect, an urban designer or planner and the Deputy City Manager, Planning and Growth Management.

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