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Southcore Financial Centre & Delta Toronto 
18 York St, Toronto
Developer: GWL Realty Advisors, bcIMC

Southcore Financial Ctr: PricewaterhouseCoopers Tower (18 York St, bcIMC, 26s, KPMB)

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by Mongo62aa, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Mongo62aa

    Mongo62aa Guest

    My apologies if there is an existing thread for this project, but I could not find one when I searched.

    From skyscrapercity: "All of a sudden we're seeing great interest in office towers downtown," Mr. Razowski says. Among them, council recently approved a 26-storey office tower for Great West Life at 18 York St., corner of Bremner Blvd, next to the Rogers Centre.

    This appears to be a new project. At urbandb, 18 York St. is listed as a proposed Condominium-Hotel. (2004 -- 32 floors, 800 units, 800,000 sq. ft.)

    Great West Life bought the site in October 2006 and have evidently decided to go a different direction. I am guessing that they are still using the full height allowance for the site (office floors are higher than residential floors, due to the extra space needed for subfloor wiring, etc.), so 26 office floors is about the same height as 32 residential/hotel floors.


    edit -- Here is a City of Toronto pdf report on 16/18 York Street:

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  3. mark simpson

    mark simpson Guest

  4. yyzer

    yyzer Guest

    couldn't place this till I saw the's directly across the street from Telus..edit...umm...the map is a little big...

  5. Mongo62aa

    Mongo62aa Guest

    The thing that immediately jumped out at me was that big plot just south of 18 York, marked "Cadillac/Lanterra Future Office Building". Is that the site where the imaginary 70-floor highrise was located, in an image that was circulating a few months ago?

    Either way, that looks like a good location for another 200m+ tall or supertall.

  6. AndrewJM3D

    AndrewJM3D Guest

    Looks a lot like the Manitoba Hydro tower. The good news is between 16 and 18 York the city is allowing up to 1,800,000 sq ft of office space. So 16 York could still be an iconic tower one day.
    16 & 18 York city doc.

    This buildings nice but nothing to get excited about.
  7. mark simpson

    mark simpson Guest

    ^16 York is unfortunately a massive lot that could easily hold 2 or 3 Telus/18 york buildings
  8. Mongo62aa

    Mongo62aa Guest

    That would leave about 1,163,000 square feet for 16 York -- that's enough for about 46 floors of office space with the same floor plate as 18 York. Add a podium and you're looking at 180m to 210m (at 4m per floor -- typical for a modern office building).

    However, it appears that two buildings are planned for that site, three in total for 16 + 18 York.

  9. Canuck 36

    Canuck 36 Guest

    Potential 400 footer with the extra 'crown'?
  10. yyzer

    yyzer Guest

  11. Not a bad looking tower and it should complement the Telus building across the street. The wall extending from the roofline seems to have become KPMB’s trademark. Festival centre, Maple Leaf square, Manitoba Hydro and now 18 York St.
  12. simply Dan

    simply Dan Guest

    Lots of space at the top for a big corporate logo.
  13. Mongo62aa

    Mongo62aa Guest

    simply Dan: You are gaining wisdom, grasshopper...

    First impression: I like it. I am also sure that people will be criticising it as "just another box". Ignore these people.

  14. blixa442

    blixa442 Guest

    No complaints at all. Seems like KPMB are on a roll.
  15. AndrewJM3D

    AndrewJM3D Guest


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