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    I am writing to ask if anybody can help me out with a bit of Ontario highway history.

    I live overseas now and will probably get a car. This has me hitting BC and Ontario government websites to request my driver's record. One thing puzzles me: web searches reveal that in the 1990s Ontario had photo radar for only a few months but not since. This contradicts my experience so may be somebody in this forum can enlighten me.

    I moved from BC, where I had a perfect driving record, to Ontario in 2004. Then in 2006 I moved from Pickering to Toronto. Since I was within a short walk of my office downtown, I sold my car. My mistake was not knowing that in Ontario, the plates go with the driver. The buyer lived in the Brampton area and his lender helped me with the transaction but neither of them told me about keeping the plates to myself. Towards the end of 2006 I was surprised to receive a letter from an Ontario ministry fining me about $100 for a speeding vehicle with the license plates I used to have. The incident was somewhere in the Toronto area on one of the highways. I reluctantly paid the fine even though I was not the driver. I contacted the buyer and asked him to stop using my plates and to repay me the amount of the fine.

    My question is this: if Ontario did not have photo radar since the mid-1990s, then why was I fined? Was there a speed enforcement system in effect in 2006, that was not photo radar, per se, but essentially the same minus the photo? I cannot remember if the letter contained a copy of the photograph. My second question is whether this will show up on my Ontario driving record?

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    Someone may be able to answer the question as to what exactly happened (my understanding is that photo radar is illegal in Ontario, and even those signs which tell you your speed don't record your license and ticket you), but you'll be happy to know that this will not go on your record because they cannot prove that you were the one driving at the time.
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    How well do you know the person that you sold your car to? Any chance he is using more than your old plates? Your identity?

    We do not have photo radar in Ontario and any violation of the highway traffic act is a ticket given to you by an officer, in person. How he could get a ticket in your name is beyond me unless he said/showed he was you?

    EDIT: I guess the excpetion could be those red light cameras....not sure how they work as I don't run reds! I believe they ticket by mail? Is the violation for running a red?
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    Photo radar was eliminated with the election of Mike Harris in 1995.

    Since the fine amount was so low, I also think it was a red light camera.

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