Morrissey vs. Canada

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    Morrissey vs. Canada

    Morrissey will not be playing in Canada any time soon reportedly because the singer is furious with the country’s annual seal hunt.

    It is expected that up to 325,000 young harp seal pups could be killed in the coming weeks, despite pleas from international bodies for the practice to stop.

    The ex-Smiths singer issued a statement on his official website saying that he won't be visiting the country to promote his forthcoming album Ringleader Of The Tormentors in protest over the hunt.

    “I fully realise that the absence of any Morrissey concerts in Canada is unlikely to bring the Canadian economy to its knees, but it is our small protest against this horrific slaughter - which is the largest slaughter of marine animal species found anywhere on the planet,†the singer said.

    “The Canadian Prime Minister says the so-called 'cull' is economically and environmentally justified, but this is untrue.â€

    Morrissey claims that the motivation behind the “barbaric and cruel†hunt is “making money,†and in doing so will aid the fashion industry.

    “The Canadian Prime Minister (Steven Harper) also states that the slaughter is necessary because it provides jobs for local communities, but this is an ignorant reason for allowing such barbaric and cruel slaughter of beings that are denied life simply because somebody somewhere might want to wear their skin. Construction of German gas chambers also provided work for someone - this is not a moral or sound reason for allowing suffering,†Morrisey continued.

    Along with Morrisey, former Beatle Paul McCartney has been an outspoken supporter of ending the seal hunt.

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    I hope now he can manage to keep his shirts on at his live shows, seeing that he's so old.

    I believe they have factory farms in most of the countries he will be touring. In fact, i think veal is made in the USA and paté in France. What's any more humane about those when compared to a seal hunt?

    "I am humane and i need to be loved...just like every baby seal does."
  3. But veal and pate tastes good...seals don't.
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    Good riddance. I think we should ban pompous celebrities from visiting Canada...
  5. Being denied Morrissey is not a good thing.
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    Hopefully he'll have a show in Buffalo, unless he thinks the removing the wings from Bison and cooking them in hot sauce is cruel.

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    It blows me away that US protesters have nothing better to do than to protest against the seal hunt. Sure it's cruel, and I don't care for it either, but there's a lot of hypocracy. Veal is pretty damned cruel, and so is foie gras.

    The state killing its own people is cruel and unsual in the western world; the US is the only developed Western country to still practice capital punishment. The same with state-sanctioned torture. Not to mention issues with foreign or military policy, of which Britain has a lot to answer for too.
  8. why now? its not like the seal hunt is anything new. and he had no problem playing in the states following the iraq invasion, nor did he have any issues playing in countries that supported that war.

    my guess? he's taking a stand on a hot-button issue to boost his indie/rebel cred, but he's taking a stand on an issue that will cost him minimal income. canada is a tiny market, his canadian fans will still buy his music, and the real diehard fans will even make the quick trip over the border to watch his shows in the states.

    the seal hunt is in the news right now (especially post-Bardot), so it's actually possible that by taking this stand (especially a week before his new CD comes out) he'll draw more attention to himself and his album, potentially boosting sales above and beyond the losses incurred by the tour boycott. they story's already been picked up by over 40 outlets (, and it's sure to make print tomorrow.
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    Ironically a few weeks after Paul McCartney helped to make this a big issue. McCartney certainly has no indie/rebel cred.
  10. Nor musical cred, since Wings at least...
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    Remember the Smiths had a album called "Meat Is Murder". He's not new to this cause.
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    we shouldn't be killing these seals, we should round them up and re-locate them to saskatchewan where they can live out their lives in peace.

    are people aware that japan kills over 1300 whales a year for "scientific research"?

    i guess the japanese buy more CDs than we do
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    Before Wings.

    Since then his mug was used to sell something on TV.

    Request to Paul: retire already.

    The seal hunt is a sham based on crappy reasoning, right along with the Japanese whale hunt. Out-moded traditions always die hard.
  14. I see Apple corps Ltd. is suing Apple Computer Inc. yet again for swiping "their" logo and using it, this time, for iTunes. Ironic seeing as how the loveable moptop lifted the image from a Magritte painting he owned back in the late '60's.
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    I think my record will be called Evolution is Murder. Oh, Mozz, you're such a wanker... When your ex-fans call you a wanker you know your career has gone down the toilet.

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