Chemical Fluoride Vs. Naturally Occurring Calcium Fluoride

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    The fluoride used in our city water is not naturally occurring calcium fluoride and I would rather the natural due to the side effects. Plus where do those chemicals come from. Why did a board get to vote on this and not the people of Toronto? I contacted the mayor about this but he simply thanked me for the info and that was that. It costs us approximately $2 MILLION a year for these chemicals that have been said to be not safe per some experts including a UofT head of dentistry program.

    “Fluoridation is no longer effective,†said Hardy Limeback, head of the University of Toronto’s preventive dentistry program. Considering all the dangerous effects of fluoride consumption, in fact, he concluded that fluoridation is “more harmful than beneficial.â€. Quoted from a Nov. 15, 2011 letter by Dr. Hardy Limeback, professor and head of preventive dentistry at the University of Toronto. The letter also read, in part, that Limeback has “personally conducted years of funded research at the University of Toronto on the topic of fluorosis (fluoride poisoning) and bone effects of fluoride intake. A bone study, for which we received national funding, comparing hip bones of people who live in Toronto (fluoridated since 1963) to the bones of people from Montreal (Montreal has never been fluoridated) suggests disturbing negative changes in the bone quality of Torontonians. This is not good.â€

    Here is a video around 12 minutes that simply explains about the chemical fluoride process. It even claims that it's a result of FACTORY WASTE?!
    [video=youtube;uEFMR7JGElI] [/video]

    I simply want the facts provided to the people of Toronto and a referendum vote. If they don't wish to remove it because they are so concerned with our teeth then I would like to switch to the natural occurring fluoride instead as long as it is safe with no side effects. It's not fair that we don't even get a say that an undemocratic board only do.

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