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    Hi everyone!
    I am selling off my DVD collection. I'm not looking to dump all these as soon as possible, so please don't bother low-balling me for the entire lot. Sorry to be so blunt - but when I've posted this elsewhere, I've been bombarded with very low offers for the lot and I dont want people to waste my or their own time. Anyway, Email me with phone number if interested.

    PS Forgot to add, I'm currently located in the West end of downtown Toronto

    All DVDs are near mint and are complete with all original cases, covers, inserts, discs, etc. unless noted. Also, all DVDs are originals – I DO NOT SELL BOOTLEGS OF ANY KIND!!!.


    Postwar Kurosawa (5 disc, eclipse)

    Seven Samurai (3 disc)

    3 Penny Opera (2 disc)
    Ace in the Hole (2 disc)
    Antonio Gaudi (2 disc)
    Before the Rain
    Breathless (2 disc)
    Cria Cuervos
    Days of Heaven
    Drunken Angel
    Furies, The (2 disc)
    Haine, La (2 disc)
    House of Games
    Ice Storm, The (2 disc)
    If… (2 disc)
    Lady Vanishes, The (2 disc) (reissue)
    La Jetee / Sans Soliel (2 disc)
    Les Enfants Terribles
    Mishima (2 disc)
    Miss Julie
    Mon Oncle Antoine (2 disc)
    Naked Prey, The
    Night on Earth
    A Nos Amours (2 disc)
    Pierrot Le Fou (2 disc)
    Playtime (2 disc)
    Robinson Crusoe on Mars
    Sawdust and Tinsel
    Stranger Than Paradise (2 disc)
    Thief of Baghdad
    This Sporting Life (2 disc)
    Two Lane Blacktop (2 disc)
    Two of Us, The
    Under the Volcano (2 disc)
    Vampyr (2 disc)
    Virgin Spring
    When a Woman Ascends the Stairs
    WR: Mysteries of the Organism

    Blast of Silence
    Burmese Harp, The
    Class Tous Risques
    Death of a Cyclist
    Fires on the Plain
    Lovers, The
    Milky Way, The


    NON-SEALED CRITERIONS (all in near new condition, unless noted):

    And god Created Woman 14
    And the Ships Sailed On 15
    Armageddon (2 disc) (previous rental) 4
    Band of Outsides 16
    Bank Dick, The 25
    Beastie Boys: Video Anthology (2 disc) 11
    Blob, The 20
    Blood from Dracula (out of print, rare) 45
    Branded to Kill 14
    Brazil 16
    Carnival of Souls (2 disc) 20
    Charade 19
    Chasing Amy 6
    Contempt 21.5 (2 disc)
    Commare Secca, La 15
    Diabolique 15
    Discreet Charm of the Bourgousie (2 disc) 21.5
    Double Suicide 15
    Down by Law (2 disc) 21.5
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (2 disc) 22
    Fiend without a Face 20
    Flesh from Frankenstein (out of print, rare) 32
    Gate of Flesh (disc only) 5
    Green for Danger 20
    Harder They Come, The (out of print, rare) 27
    Hidden Fortress, The 14
    High and Low 18
    How to Get Ahead in Advertising (out of print, rare) 50
    Ikiru (2 disc) 21.5
    Importance of Being Earnest, The 15
    In the Mood for Love (2 disc) 22
    Jigoku 16.5
    Jubilee 20
    Kagemusha (2 disc) 21.5
    Kwaidan 15
    Lady Vanishes 17
    Last Temptation of Christ, the 21
    Lord of the Flies 19
    Lost Honor of Katherina Blum 15
    M 16
    Magic Flute 15
    Man Bites Dog 16
    Mona Lisa 20
    Monty Python’s Life of Brian 21
    My Own Private Idaho (2 disc) 21
    Naked Lunch (2 disc) 21
    Night Porter 14
    Overlord 20
    Quai des Orfevres (out of print, rare) 40
    Rashomon 19
    Red Beard 20
    Robocop (out of print) 17
    Rock, The (2 disc) 16
    Royal Tenenbaums, The (2 disc) 10
    Rushmore 22
    Salvatore Guilliano (2 disc) 21.5
    Samurai 1 12
    Samurai 2 12
    Samurai 3 12
    Sid and Nancy (out of print, very rare) 55
    Silence of the Lambs, The (out of print) 15
    Sisters 16
    Slacker (2 disc) 21
    Spartacus (2 disc) 24
    Straw Dogs (out of print) (2 disc) 25
    Stray Dog 21
    That Obscure Object of Desire 15
    This is Spinal Tap (very rare, out of print) 70
    Throne of Blood 20
    Tokyo Drifter 14
    Traffic 16
    Unbearable Lightness of Being (out of print, rare) 25
    Vanishing, The 16
    Videodrome (2 disc) 21
    Wages of Fear 16
    Walkabout 16


    American Beauty 4
    Aviator SE (2 disc) 5
    Beautiful Mind, A (2 disc) 4
    Casa De La Babys 1
    Cast Away (2 disc) 4
    Errol Morris Collection, (sealed) 19
    Errol Morris' First Person: The Complete series (sealed) 15
    Existenz (some marks on disc, plays perfectly) 2
    Finding Nemo (2 disc) 4
    Grandmom’s Boy (former rental) 1
    Happy Together (Wong Kar Wai) 9
    Hakaider: Mechinical Violator 4
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2 disc) 2
    How Green is My Valley 5
    Jean Renoir Collection (3 disc, 7 movies) 18
    Kill Bill Vol 2 3
    Lavander 1
    Made Up 1
    Matchstick Men (case a little bent) 1
    Mirror Mirror Box set (4 disc) 5
    Once Upon a Time in America 12
    Osterman Weekend (2 disc) (Peckinpah) 12
    Penny Serenade (sealed) 1
    Saturday Night Live- The Best of Will Ferrell (sealed) 4
    Scarface box (includes both 1932 and 1983 film versions, in special case) (sealed) 30
    Silver City 1
    Springtime in a Small Town (original Chinese classic) 8
    Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (2 disc) 2
    Stanger, The (Welles) 5
    Sunshine State 1
    Triplets of Belleville, The 10
    Vice Guide to Travel 3
    Viva Pedro: The Almodovar Collection (9 disc) (sealed) 52

    the Bellboy 5
    The Patsy 5
    Disorederly Orderly 5
    Errand Boy 5

    Family Plot 6
    Man Who Knew too Much, The 6
    Rear Window 8
    Topaz 6
    Vertigo 6

    Prisoner of Shark Island, The (Masters of Cinema) (Ford) (sealed) 18

    24: Complete 2nd season 20
    Friends: Series Finale 3
    Kids in the Hall SEASON 1 10
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    Hi everyone,
    I just realized that as I new member with under 25 posts, that I'm normally not allowed to start new threads. I just would like to apologize for the initial oversight on my part, and I have just emailed the admin to address the matter and for permission to have these 2 threads of mine kept up.


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