10 Dundas East (former Toronto Life Square, Ent Prop Trust, 10s, Baldwin & Franklin)

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by billy corgan19982, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Perhaps they will pull out of metropolis because of the ongoing delays.

  2. cdl42

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    Re: Eaton Centre

    A new banner has appeared on the Metropolis hoarding right at the streetcar stop announcing that the Canadian Music Hall of Fame will be opening on the site in Spring 2008.

    So I figure we're looking at at least 2010.
  3. Ed007Toronto

    Ed007Toronto Guest

    Re: Eaton Centre

    2112 would be more appropriate.
  4. boiler2000

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    Re: Eaton Centre

    Even with their best-case scenario of 2008, the site would have been garbage for what... 11 years? Someone important needs to go to prison or into bankruptcy or something...
  5. SD2

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    Re: Eaton Centre

    Wow...so the project is essentially delayed another 3 years. I figured things would go faster at this point, not slower!
  6. ganjavih

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    Re: Eaton Centre

    That soon? There's no way. Ed's guess would be more accurate.

  7. thenay

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    Metropolis website fully up and running!

    Check it out, the website is up and running fully, some good views of what it "will" look like when done,

  8. SD2

    SD2 Guest

    I like the 3rd view. I can't help but think it looks worse than Torch.

    I can't believe it's still over a year away from opening. Couldn't they open it this year? I guess they're still looking for tenants...
  9. I still can't say I am impressed - the tack factor remains rather high.

  10. Looks like nothing worth waiting for.
    It's the first building in Toronto I've seen where all the marketing appeal seems to be directed not at the amenities or the architecture, but at the amount of advertising space that can be crammed floor, walls and ceiling into the shell of the building.
    Ugly, and a little worrisome.
  11. GregWTravels

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    Well, I wouldn't want it across the street from me, but it does seem to fit with what's already surrounding Dundas square. And there is a certain amount of urban appeal in spaces like this. Times Square in New York is always stuffed with tourists agawk. They'll love Wolfgang Puck's.

  12. Concourse levels 2 and 3 will be tough to lease out.
  13. thenay

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    Signs go up Spring 2007, inside opens Fall 2007 ;)
    I Read the pdf
  14. adma

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    Ah, yeah; Dundas Square's answer to the Chinatown Centre; I can see it...dead rats and vermin in fire stairwells and all...
  15. ganjavih

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    I have one request and one request only... no Torch-style bare concrete. Other than that, I'm quite excited about having AMC, Boston Pizza and Wolfgang Puck's so close... it'll be like having the burbs in my backyard.

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