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I had my appointment today to select the colors. I think the selection was pretty poor, only 3 basic packages to choose from, and 1 upgrade package.

I don't like carpets at all, but I think $1600+tax/room is too pricey, we got an offer from a contractor to do the 2 bedrooms around half the price. So we just chose one of the carpets, we can change it anytime in the future if we want. I also find the price of the stainless steel appliances to high ($2203), I can live with white appliances.

I asked about the popcorn ceiling too, but they won't be smoothing the ceiling at all. It is a really messy work, would be nice to have it done before moving in.
I also asked for installing tiles in the kitchen instead of the hardwood, but they won't do it neither. It would be just more practical since we use the kitchen a lot. It would be nice to have more upgrade options.

By the way, the lady told us that she will ask the management again about the smooth ceiling because more people were asking about it. Let's hope they will change their mind.
Did you get a hold of the contractor??