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Thread: HAMILTON Part XXXVIII: Kenilworth/East Hamilton

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    Default HAMILTON Part XXXVIII: Kenilworth/East Hamilton

    Kenilworth Ave.
    East Hamilton

    I never really knew East Hamilton, these are the few photos I took
    in that part of the city over the years, mostly on Kenilworth Ave.

    Kenilworth Ave. is the main thoroughfare from the East Mountain to the steel mills and port area.

    Kenilworth Library


    Barton and Kenilworth


    Sherman Ave North

    Beach Road, not anywhere near the beach, but led there in the old days.
    Beach Road still has a bus route and runs through a small neighbourhood called McAnulty tucked-in beside Dofasco.

    Parkdale, another commercial street running north-south like Kenilworth, but younger.

    Melvin Ave.

    The Derby is probably demolished by now, to be replaced with a shiny new Drug Store.
    With beer priced out of the competition, pharmacies are free to take over.

    Main and Kenilworth


    Kenilworth heads toward the escarpment.

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    I think I had my 5th or 6th birthday party at the Derby! It's sad to hear its going to be gone.

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    Grittier than usual, but I still had to look. Thanks flar. Looks like an honest city without airs with hardworking people.

  4. Default Kenilworth/East Hamilton: Another fascinating Hamilton neighborhood...

    Flar: Another good picture tour of another Hamilton locale!
    I will ask about these pics:
    #14-Run-down somewhat street with an abandoned twin house-could homes of this type be considered sort of a "Absolutely Hamilton" design?
    #22-Abandoned storefront-How hard has the slow Economy hit Hamilton?
    #34-Brick rowhouses remind me of Philadelphia or Baltimore-place,for example a Maryland state flag in place of that Canadian flag and you will probably have me fooled into thinking that this was a BAL pic...
    #42-interesting brick twin houses with that silver van out front makes me think of PHL or BAL again...
    #43-Which rail lines are in this pic?
    #57-Looking towards the Niagara Escarpment - perhaps that is the feature that makes Hamilton unique as a literal 2-level City.
    Another question I have is if you know what the percentage of Hamilton having PHL or BAL-type row houses is? Is there neighborhoods of them or twins and other brick homes ATOP the Mountain as well?
    Again I am glad to have explored Hamilton somewhat from all your pics!
    I am looking forward to those Ottawa pics sometime soon...LI MIKE

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