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CityPlace Puente de Luz Bridge
524 Front Street West, Toronto
Developer: Concord Adex

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Thread: CityPlace: Puente de Luz Bridge (Concord Adex, MMM Group/Francisco Gazitua)

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    The bridge is close until 2013 or until agreement is in place to keep part of the bridge open while about 6,000 clamps holding that garbage mesh are replace. The clamps have very rough edges and can be move around.

    I was one of the few first visitors to shot the bridge before the ribbon cutting. Should had shot a video.

    The mesh is not great for getting any rail fan shots from the bridge.
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    Crazy. So I got to walk through something that will now be closed down for another 2 months at least. This bridge sucks.

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    Dammit, I hope they sort out the clamp situation soon. That's disappointing.

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    One more photo, taken by a friend of mine.

    Photo: Brendan Sack

    Stare at this fondly and imagine yourself there as you wait months for it to re-open.

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    Seriously, what the f*ck. Unless the structure is crumbling there is no reason whatsoever not to keep the bridge open while they do whatever needed repairs. I understand the change is not structural and it's mostly to do with the mesh... That's an excuse to keep it closed for one more week at most.

    The bridge itself is a delight. Used it several times today and would have made my commute much more convenient. The ineptitude of those responsible for the latest drawback disturbs me. The structure has been there for ages... they've had more than enough time to make everything perfect.
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    They'll probably just cover the bridge in black mesh like what's on the balconies of 15 Iceboat Terrace and 10 Capreol Crt and leave it there until it starts falling off...

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    Just looking at the photos, I don't like that mesh covering at all.
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    Yes I agree the mesh looks pretty bad. Plexiglass would be better aesthetically imo, although that would require someone to occasionally clean it.

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    It will probably reopen shortly, as the issues weren't major. The mesh issue is minor. The most pressing issue for the inspector was the fact that the expansion joints presented a tripping hazard.

    They dealt with a different inspector this time, as the last one had not brought up any of the issues that came up this time. The city needs to get its act together.

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    I feel like if this was a bridge for cars they'd fix it faster (and have opened it sooner) but a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists just isn't a priority or concern at all. This is unacceptable.

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    Every time I see the story about the bridge being open on CP24 it makes me laugh.

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    It's almost like the mesh would be better off "all around" than just on the sides, almost like an "umbilical" architectural element...

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    We should all go in for some ladders and bolt them to the ends...that will show whoever designed this thing what we think about ramps!


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    And so it is confirmed... the bridge wont re-open until 2013 according to Concord Adex's twitter account.

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    Gee, sometimes i think this city is still stuck in the 60s

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