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32 Camden
32 Camden St, Toronto
Developer: Sorbara Group

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Thread: 32 Camden Street (Sorbara Group, 12s, Core)

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    Precast for sure.

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    Both designs are very nice

    They should sell the original plans to another developer

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    Regarding the facade, the link wannabeplanner posted states the following:

    "Unlike the usual cookie-cutter condos we’ve all come to know and sort of love, 32 Camden is a sleek beast with an innovative cantilevered frontage and a decorative steel screen that will rust and weather over time, intentionally providing an organic look to the building."

    So there will still be an element of colour, and it sounds like an interesting one.

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    ^^^ That blog article was describing the previous design. It was paraphrased from an older article.
    The new design does not feature any rusted metel elements or a cantilevered front facade.

    I think the building looks best in sleek white. I am hoping they wont use the typical silver window frames you see everywhere. A darker gray (or even black) would definitely make the cool white patterned facade more prominant (like on the 25 Bond building). The design would be much stronger if there is more contrasting coloured materials (the same could be said with many other buildings in the city).
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    The sales centre for this project is currently being built out in the former 400 Wellington St W sales centre at 60 Bathurst. It looks like it will be ready soon.

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    I am not sure that is correct. The 400 Wellington sales centre is being transformed into a 400 Wellington decor centre for purchasers to pick finishes etc.
    I got a call today from Sorbara advising such. Perhaps they will use the other vacant retail spot for 32 Camden.

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    they've opened up a facebook page....


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    Showroom: 66 Portland Street, Unit 102

    Default 32 Camden - the perfect size for King West

    Quote Originally Posted by gristle View Post
    You're absolutely right.
    One of the reasons that 66 Portland command the highest price per sq ft and the fastest resale in King West, is the size of this boutique condo with just 79 units.

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    Sorbara's 400 Wellington Sales centre is turning into a 32 Camden sales centre. The office area will also serve as a decor centre for 400 Wellington purchasers. This has now been confirmed.

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    From the facebook page
    Attached Images Attached Images      
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    I just got invited to a VVIP (yes, I'm very, very important haha) for this project next week. Looks like a beauty. hopefully their prices are beautiful too!

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    What day is the VVIP that you are going to?

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    March 9. just an info event, not a selling event. worksheets, floor plans and pricing will be handed out.

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    so when is the 1st day for sales?

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    Got an invitation to an "Insiders Preview" event there on March 10.
    They are offering "Special preview pricing" and a year's worth of maintenance fees for free for all sales that night.

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