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Thread: The Star: Canadian to design Russian opera house

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    The glorious building is unveiled. Citizens' reaction:

    Here you can find some kind of balanced view.

    Needs one correction: Diamond and Shmitt never won the bid as there was no bid - they were simply appointed by the construction company. While there are people with the hope about the quality of the interior (still to be finished), the general feel of the structure itself is that it is 'nothing' and a planning mistake, as the director of the Hermitage museum said, as well as the governor of the city. You can judge by the picture. Name:  Kryukov-2.jpg
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    Find more of them here.

    My own opinion - it is not a theatre, it is a barn. May be Mr. Gergiev is going to have a lot of fun conducting in a barn, but I don't feel I am a sheep, so I am not going to flock there.

    In the end - some suggestions from people of St. Petersburg to Mr. Diamond about his future theatre projects:
    Name:  Mariinsky future.jpg
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    Well, if we do it, we do it like this

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    Underwhelming would be an understatement.

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    Cannot refrain from posting this drawing by Victor Bogorad
    Name:  Mariinka.Cry.jpg
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