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Shoring Work Proceeding for Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts
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Thread: 1 Bloor East, DEAD AND BURIED (Bazis, -2s, Varacalli)

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    RancidPuppyMeat Guest


    ugh... that was lame.


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    scarberiankhatru Guest


    "I'd love to see a donation towards a Ben Kerr memorial for the NE corner."

    A statue would be perfect.

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    adma Guest


    *Not* bobble-headed.

    (Incidentally, I wonder how much ephemera like the above was being hawked for big bux at the St. Lawrence Antique Mkt today...)

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    marcusaj Guest


    "There should actually be a real entrance to Bloor-Yonge subway, something architectually inspiring. (Notice that it is hard to find an entrace to the subway at the busiest stop in the system?)"

    --most definitely, and at the corner have some form of indication that the City's two busiest subways lines intersect here, at the busiest station

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    thx1038 Guest


    ^ you have to remember who is develping this building. Bazis doesn't care, they just want to put up a condo. The last palns by Kolter didn't include a subway entrance, niether will this version.

    However Bazis is planning to make this a condo/hotel.

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    AlvinofDiaspar Guest


    Change from mixed use residential to one with a significant commerical component means rezoning - it would do him well to start caring about what the city wanted.


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    Mike in TO Guest


    ^ Sometimes what the city wants is not economically feasible.

    I don't think it is worth commenting on what the city wants or what Bazis is proposing when no details of the project have been made public except for the purchase of the lands. For all we know the developer may propose a mixed use development including office space and a subway entrance (and I hope better connections underground to the mini PATH system at Yonge and Bloor... having lived there for many years it is a great asset on cold days like today).

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    mark1o17 Guest

    Default 1 Bloor East by Bazis

    New to the forum. Not sure if another thread exists for this project. Noticed the following on google:

    "Bazis International unveils plans for Canada's most celebrated corner
    Canada NewsWire (press release), Canada - 14 hours ago
    ... featuring a nearly 80 storey tower with a four storey double-height podium at the base making it Toronto's tallest residential/commercial building. ..."

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    mark1o17 Guest

    Default Re: Yonge and bloor - 80 stroreys

    Here is the full press release
    "TORONTO, March 22 /CNW/ - Bazis International of Toronto, Ont., will
    unveil its plans to redevelop Canada's most important corner at a news
    conference Thursday, April 5, 2007.
    Bazis International has acquired a one-acre property on the southeast
    corner of Yonge and Bloor Streets in the heart of Toronto. It will create an
    innovative mixed use development featuring a nearly 80 storey tower with a
    four storey double-height podium at the base making it Toronto's tallest
    residential/commercial building.
    Michael Gold together with celebrated Toronto architect, Roy Varacalli,
    both of Bazis, will offer details and be available for interviews as will City
    Councillor Kyle Rae.
    The news conference will be held in the Panorama Room on the top of the
    nearby ManuLife Centre, a vantage point that offers a bird's eye view not only
    of the 1 Bloor site but also of Bazis' first Toronto project, the Crystal Blu
    condominium, soon to start construction on Balmuto Street just south of Bloor.

    1 Bloor, Canada's most high profile urban
    WHERE: The Panorama Room on the top of the ManuLife Centre
    WHEN: Thursday, April 5, 2007 at 10 a.m.

    NOTE: Parking under the ManuLife Centre will be validated for those
    attending the press conference.

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    Observer Walt Guest

    Default Re: Yonge and Bloor -- 80 storeys

    80! Wow! :eek

    Thanks for posting this, and welcome to the forum.

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    MG22 Guest

    Default RE: 80

    Wow. That's exciting. Won'tit stick out on bloor?

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    p5archit Guest

    Default Re: RE: 80

    Celebrated architect Roy Varacalli?? Who is he? I have never heard of him before-...Oh well, lets see this 80 story tower already...

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting that..


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    FutureMayor Guest

    Default Re: RE: 80


    Rendering can be found at the above link.


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    FutureMayor Guest

    Default Re: RE: 80

    Hotel/Residential/Retail complex.

    Future website: www.1bloor.com/

    As for the design, I hate it, especially the base.


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    Antiloop33rpm Guest

    Default Re: RE: 80

    Also on that same site there is a project called "Toronto's Landmark". 3 towers, flairing out at the top. Where is this project located exactly?

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