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Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
660 Bay St, Toronto
Developer: Hospital for Sick Children

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Thread: SickKids Hosp: Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning (Bay & Elm, 21s, DSAI)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mckarisma View Post
    No I suspect he's right at least that most people on the board like how this building is turning out so far. Should we do another poll?
    Exactly. But lets wait until this one is completed before introducing a poll, as there's still more interesting features yet to arrive. Of course so far the building has almost unanimously been viewed in a positive light with little suggestion that it could be classified as love-it or hate-it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mississauga Slim View Post
    you will see he is actually criticizing the cladding on MaRS, not Sick Kids.
    Duly noted and corrected. Also that means nobody is not in favor of this project.
    Last edited by vegeta_skyline; 2012-Jan-29 at 13:35.

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