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Thread: Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

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    Let's go for a ride in a Gloucester subway car.


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    Pape Ave., S. of Danforth 1965 & 2013 - Public Library on the right


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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldie View Post
    Pape Ave., S. of Danforth 1965 & 2013 - Public Library on the right

    Nobody mention the sign please.

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    I was just going to say "ahhhh, progressive times"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustapha View Post
    Then and Now Dundas looking W from Centre, c1914-ish.

    Would you call that a 'Cow-catcher' on the front of the streetcar?

    Could it be 1912? Variety records Sam Howe's Lovemakers as performing at the Toronto Gayety Theatre in November of that year.

    Here's the Gayety in 1911 (G. W. Gouinlock architect), just to the left of the Temple Building in foreground.

    Not the same streetcar, unfortunately!

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    Original Iola theatre became the Ace c.1945 (Danforth/Gough SE corner)
    Then a fruit market and clothing store.
    August, 2013 - the Canadian Tire Express.


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    I miss the way the lights went out when the third rail was cut out! Great video and thanks to the poster of the video!

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    Stores on Pape at Lipton, 1927

    IT's now the site of renovations to Pape subway station, Aug. 2013


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    Ghost City: The evolution of an intersection


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    Quote Originally Posted by thecharioteer View Post
    Gerrard Street east of Yonge evolved as an upper-end residential neighbourhood, across the street from one of Toronto's most significant 19thC institutions, the Normal and Model Schools in St. James Square, now the site of the main campus of Ryerson University. Two of the more interesting Victorian buildings on the north side of Gerrard were St. James Square Presbyterian Church and the Ontario College of Pharmacy. St. James was probably demolished in the 1960's and is now the site of the 1970's high-rise 40 Gerrard (designed by Tampold and Wells Architects) and the Pharmacy Building still exists (sans the Victorian fašade) behind a sober white moderne fašade.


    I walked around the old Pharmacy Building and evidence of the past isn't hard to find.

    Below.. the foundations of the original building are visible. How strange that they weren't parged as part of the mid century make-over.

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    The hidden Victorian building is also quite clear on Google Earth:

    Name:  gerrard.jpg
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    And it looks like the Victorian front was already gone by 1942:

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    Here are a couple of shots from my dad's old slides.
    Not sure when or from what vantage point???

    Name:  nv28165307.jpg
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    from Bank of Commerce Building observation deck?

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    When? Probably circa 1960. The Royal York already had its addition (and the 2 Carlton building already existed); yet the Gardiner didn't exist yet, and New City Hall still seems parking lot rather than construction site...

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    "When? Probably circa 1960."
    QUOTE: adma.

    And way off in the distance - The Imperial Oil Building.

    J T
    IF only I had of questioned then, for the answers needed now . . .

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