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Thread: Earth Hour

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    Default Earth Hour

    Photos from my walk in the dark...

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    The scenes on Yonge were impressive, with the advertisements and buildings that never seem to go dark, now surrounded by the darkness. I turned off my lights, and so did my neighbours, though I kept the television on. David Suzuki said it was OK on CBC, so we don't miss the game. That's admittedly more of an excuse, but the absence of lights promoted the message nonetheless.

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    I kept the television on. David Suzuki said it was OK on CBC

    Sorry, but I just had to laugh at this.

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    Yeah, no need for apologies. It was too convenient.

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    I wish I could've been out and about for it, I always love when such a huge city plunges into darkness (temporarily of course). Alas I was at work, but we too participated. All our guests were dining by candlelight, but I'll tell you, it was a big pain cooking the dishes in such low light.

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    I turned everything of right from the fusebox. The office buildings did a decent job. Condos didn't fair so well.

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    Love the Calatrava and the Eaton Centre!

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    There seemed to be reasonable participation out here in the wilds of Mississauga, but I thought it could have been better.

    The LCBO store was fully lit up in spite of having a sign posted in their window for the past several days stating that they would dim lights. The Blockbuster Video had about half of their lights off. A lot of houses in my neighbourhood were dark. Unfortunately quite a few of the condo towers seemed to be lit pretty much as usual.

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    High rise condos and apartments usually don't have a individual electric meter, so they think electricity is free. They are also the ones who tend to leave the lights on all night.

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    It's not that these residents think that electricity is free; it's that they may not have been interested in participating in this stunt.

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    This was the biggest shame at Yonge and Dundas

    If H&M and Forever XXII actually took the time to turn off their lights, the darkening of Y+D square would have been perfect. But alas, they didn't, and they look like fools as the only businesses not to participate.

    THe feeling of the lights and screens coming back on at Y+D was disturbing in a way because it went from darkness to blinding.

    THe overall skyline was also darker than usual last night even after Earth Hour. THis is a shot from my apartment window and it's definitely darker than an average night... the BMO sign was still off at midnight - which made sense, since they left it on for the first 1/2 hour of Earth Hour.

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    At Yonge and St. Clair, the neon CHUM sign was off, Mix 99.9 was on, and Maple Leaf was on as well. On a typical night, the office tower lights are 90% off anyway (which is great), so there was no visible change. The condos and apartments were showing no visible change either.

    Earth Hour highlights that our world is maybe a little too convenient nowadays. For example, 100 years ago society accepted indoor temperatures of 12-15 degrees in the winter, because that what was normal. While that may be extreme today, we should be asking ourselves questions like, do we really need 100 watt light bulbs? Do we really need the heat drying function on dish washers? Is it essential to wash clothes in hot water?

    Completely turning out the lights definitely has a wow factor, but there are so many other energy efficient choices that can be made that have little to no impact on our lives whatsoever.

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    i was in the ryerson library when this happened so i thought i'd take a walk around to check out the city. it was a bit eerie seeing a lot of the ads turned off. when we got to nathan phillips it was really dark and even a bit disorienting because my eyes couldn't get used to the dark. eaton's was much darker but some stores still had all their lights on inside (and computers at the Mac store). we then watched the lights come on at yonge/dundas while people started clapping and cheering like it was new years or something.

    still, i liked it a lot more when the blackout occured a couple of years ago.
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    Anyone else predicting a sudden spike in the number of births nine months from now?

    Lessee... things you can do in the dark...

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    I went for a drive around oakville during earth hour to see what we've done. It was really dissapointing actually. I only noticed three buildings in the city who turned off their lights. The oakville place shopping mall went completely dark, and the church in downtown on Lakeshore.

    Downtown was lit up like it usually is: christmas lights on the trees, signs, shops, etc. I was dissapointed.

    However looking at pics of toronto I must say I'm suprised!

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