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Īce Condominiums at York Centre
York and Bremner, Toronto
Developer: Lanterra Developments, Cadillac Fairview

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Thread: Īce Condos at York Centre (Lanterra, 57 + 67s, aA)

  1. Default Īce Condos at York Centre (Lanterra, 57 + 67s, aA)

    From the Toronto East York Community Council:



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    Jesus Christ.

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    Well, damn. Are those condo towers non-box shaped? I'll be shocked if I live to see this one completed as proposed.

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    Woah! Build Build Build! those look almost... SUPER-tall.... hahaha... I love'em not Squares! I think it fits that location very well... Height works there.... seeing as MLS, Telus, and 26 York are all right there anyhow!

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    They just keep coming!

    It's always good to see another office building proposed. The architecture is off-the-shelf aA, but I think the condos look pretty good because they're so slender -- if the full height gets approved, these will really soar!

    Overall, I'd say this is a decent, if someone uninspired, plan. At any rate, it's 1000x better than another Infinity.

    Think of the density when this is standing next to MLS!

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    The towers look rounded, not boxy, but a boat load of balconies...

    Does anyone have a picture of the actual site so we could visualize the impact of these towers?

    P.S. Thanks AoD

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    Whoa, the York and Bremner intersection will have gone from four corners of gravel to Midtown Manhattan in like six years.

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    Though taking a quick skim the city is not happy with the residential/office split. They want this area to be mainly office.

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    This should easily get approved. Awesome news.

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    well according to the floor area breakdown the majority of the square footage is going to office/retail also the tallest building is 216.4m tall

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    well according to the floor area breakdown the majority of the square footage is going to office/retail
    Not true - according to the report, residential is about 52% total floor area, commericial (which includes office, retail and PATH) 48%. The office component by itself is 45%.


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    How are they going to approve this without chopping the height in half? MLS is pretty big, I guess, but Telus and Union are tiny.

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    Fantastic news,can't wait to see a rendering.

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    Learn Here about the Tallest Towers Under Construction in TorontoThe Toronto Skyscraper Blog!

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    I took two photos of the site from Oct.

    Looking SSE from Bremner (you can see Grand Trunk Rd on the right)

    Looking SW from York and Bremner

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