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Yorkville Plaza, The New Residences of
21 Avenue Rd, Toronto
Developer: Camrost-Felcorp

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Thread: Yorkville Plaza (frmr Four Seasons Hotel site) (Camrost-Felcorp, 31s + 38s, WZMH)

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    Woah. I'm surprised the rendering looks that bad! Usually the finished building will look bad but at least they can make the rendering look nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysteryman View Post
    It's only January and we already have the ugliest building of the year.
    While this rendering is definitely less-than-stellar, if we are to choose which render is the ugliest so far this year, I would say it's the render for 990-1000 Bay Street 32 storey tower. That's a downer for sure!

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    I do dig how awesome the Ave. Rd street wall is gonna be. wow, these towers are spaced perfectly apart (not for residents facing south though ), looks a lot more downtown.

    as regards for the new tower proposal, i don't think the design is crap (the concrete wall on the north side could turn out messy), some proper green glass would be nice (although that is rare)

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    I totally agree that the rendering for the 39-storey building is one massive ugly mess. Too much going on and there is no cohesive design between the three building elements and the base.
    I don't get the huge concrete facade on the north side, it looks very crude and brutal. Could that be the stair/elevator core? That will be one dark gloomy canyon between the towers.
    Also there will be not much of a view to the south with the existing Renaissance Tower across the street.

    A simple, sleek tower design would be appropriate for this tight site.

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    Wow, that's terrible. There really is no cohesion here -- it's just one hot mess.

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    Have I used the word "shitpile" yet today? No? Well, I have now.

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    The base of the new tower would look much better if it also adopted the cubist form of the 10 storey lowrise (but with slightly higher ceiling hieghts).
    The tall round columns of the design detract from the sloping columns of the older tower and compete and visually dominate over them (due to the new columns' height).

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    The podium is the worst part, IMO.

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    The taller addition is neither handsome nor pretty nor elegant. I agree that its a mess and clashes with its older sister. You would think that the architects would want to create a modern, perhaps lighter take on the brutalist design of the original tower, instead of just producing something that is, well, brutal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adhominem View Post
    have i used the word "shitpile" yet today? No? Well, i have now.

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    Holy yuck. Plus this is about a third the height necessary to properly bookend the Queen's Park view corridor.

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    Oh god it's awful. This would be bad anywhere, but in Yorkville it's a crime. The minimal spacing just adds to the mess.

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    I will probably improve the neighbourhood but it's not great architecture. That new base really seems plastered onto the bottom of the old tower. The mid-rise on Yorkville isn't bad.

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    It's like they took every design idea currently popular in T.O. (overhangs, offset balconies, asymmetry etc.) and threw them into a blender. A horrible, horrible blender.
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