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Florian, The
100 Davenport Road, Toronto
Developer: Diamante Development

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Thread: Florian, The (Bay & Davenport, Diamante, 25s, Hariri Pontarini/Young + Wright)

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    now, do we know that it's real marble and not some kind of extruded vinyl? ah, just being sarcastic! Love this building, it just does so much different from what we've been seeing the last 5 years. I hope it wins some sort of award.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philofra View Post
    The crane was in the stages of being dismantled this morning. I should have had my camera with me.
    Not surprising on what I saw on June 8 as there was not much to do for it. I sure miss the marble and never noticed as I walked by it.

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    Florian in the distance.

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    From today

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    That is some beautiful glass they are putting up there, it compliments the building perfectly. The 4 season's gets most of the attention in this area but she's quite the stunner as well. btw thanx for all the updates.

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    That glass is slick! This is going to be the Darth Vader of Toronto condos.

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    The Florian is what all developers should be striving for in this city regarding towers. They actually put some thought and effort into this building and it shows. Excellent job. The rest of you builders need to take notice and stop flooding us with the same box over and over again.

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    ^^ +1

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    Wait, is that stickwall?

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    It's just a wee bit of a shame that the Florian continues to perpetuate Toronto's three-storey streetscape, and when the error of those ways has already been so well established. I love the strong curve of the facade though.

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    The Equinox gym chain has retracted their interest in opening a facility in the Florian's podium. No word on who will replace them.
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    Pics taken July 9, 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Mars View Post
    The jet-black windows are an intriguing element.

    Also, I wonder how long it'll be before another tower or two are built between 4S and that child of the 80s on the corner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern Magus View Post
    Also, I wonder how long it'll be before another tower or two are built between 4S and that child of the 80s on the corner.
    Something has started.

    The Jesuit building is coming down now.

    Not sure if urbantoronto has a thread on this one.

    Pic taken July 9, 2011

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