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INDX Condos
70 Temperance St, Toronto
Developer: Lifetime Developments, CentreCourt Developments

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Thread: INDX Condos (70 Temperance, Lifetime/CentreCourt, 54s, P+S) was Canada Tower

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProjectEnd View Post
    Hooya! They really mean business - Kosher business!
    Would you say "Hooya! They really mean business - Halal business!" if they came from a predominently Muslim country? Doubt it.

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    So this will be on the Stinson site...?

    I see that London on the Esplanade is in their portfolio as well.

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    I know how they can turn their 55 storeys into a so-called 900 footer with no shadow impacts:

    Imagine if this project, the rumoured Blackstone, RA3, BAC1,2&3, Trump were all u/c at the same time.

    7 huge projects in little more than a city block. In the densest neighbourhood in the country.
    I'm off to my aA meeting but they haven't helped much so far (recovery seems out of reach when you are boxed in).

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    ^I was thinking much the same thing. I do not know if all three components of BA will be U/C at the same time, but I would expect that at some point, a minimum of 4 or 5 of these buildings will be at various stages of construction at the same time, all within a few square blocks. That whole area just north of the current MINT cluster will almost be one giant construction zone. That will be a sight to see!


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    Add Shangri La a little further to the west and that's a lot of construction in the area.

    Does $24 million get Harry out of the hole he dug himself into?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Observer Walt View Post
    Office, hotel, and residential? Interesting! They're covering all the bases, apparently.
    Cool, home on 12th floor, work office on 23rd floor, and weekend get-away on 40th floor! PATH? Eat your heart out!

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    Dinner in the basement food court. Every night.

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    ^Aroma Coffee included?
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    Can't imagine that any of the hotel properties that these guys built in the past several years would be making any money in this horrible hospitality climate. This is a perfect example of overzealous 3rd party institutional managers getting compensated merely for investing money, not returning profits to their investors.

    I'd love to see the financials on the Cosmo. That joint must be bleeding cash!

    At first glance these guys don't have the capabilities to develop a 450,000 sq. ft. office building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeicow View Post
    Awesome find. I did a bit more searching and found this one about the project too. Big news for MCC, but what lot would it likely be? The old, ill-fated Metrogate one on Burnhamthorpe?
    You mean Metropole Condominiums by Summit View Homes?

    That lot was bought out by DSD who are building Solstice and Onyx condos on the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Novelty Fashion View Post
    Dinner in the basement food court. Every night.
    I'd prefer a funeral home and a cemetery in the basement, so one can eat, sleep, live and die in one place.

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    Anyone out there have any clues what's going on with all this new hotel supply? All you read about is doom and gloom in the sector. It can't possibly be a case of giant funds just looking to deploy capital for fees, can it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Novelty Fashion View Post
    Dinner in the basement food court. Every night.
    Sorry but the food court closes at 6PM just like the rest of PATH. Tim Horton's on Adelaide or Bay for you.

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    Harry and his investors (including me) need more like $28 million to break even. The unsecured creditors (me included) are looking at getting 20 -25 cents on the dollar.

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    V of E,
    Where did you hear 20-25 cents on the dollar? Grrrr. I was hoping I'd get more like 50-60%.
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