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Ryerson's Mattamy Athletics Centre + Loblaws at the Gardens
60 Carlton St, Toronto
Developer: Ryerson University, Loblaw Companies

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Thread: Maple Leaf Gardens - Loblaws Superstore/Ryerson Rink

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    Quote Originally Posted by MapleLeafs View Post
    They did.
    With a different type of window and without the horrid looking green bars going across the windows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick-izzle View Post
    With a different type of window and without the horrid looking green bars going across the windows.
    What the heck are you talking about?

    October 18, 2011 -
    Quote Originally Posted by androiduk View Post

    The same corner before the the windows were changed out & before the building was cleaned, March 2010 -

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    MLSE, Ryerson settle score: new rink won’t use historic name


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    So Ryerson can't use the name, but it's going to be over the door, and Loblaw can use it? Everyone will still call it Maple Leaf Gardens.

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    Yeah, I'm not that upset that the rink can't be named MLG -- that doesn't seem unreasonable to me, as long as the building itself can still be referenced that way.

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    I wonder whether the Loblaws will be able to sell Maple Leaf brand foods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dt_toronto_geek View Post
    What the heck are you talking about?

    October 18, 2011 -

    The same corner before the the windows were changed out & before the building was cleaned, March 2010 -
    I see the difference now ~ The old ones were double hung windows, hence the 'ugly green bar going across', whereas the new are fixed / awning / casement windows which are one piece and generally flat
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    They should sell naming rights to Maple Leaf Foods.
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    Update: the decorative LED lighting seen at the northeast corner is now being installed all the way around the building across both the top and bottom of the facade.

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    They've also installed new windows where the loading ramp on Church used to be, and at night when the building is lit inside you can see quite a bit of the interior finishing from across the street. From the bits I've been able to see it looks quite nice inside.

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    November opening still uncertain for Loblaws store in Maple Leaf Gardens; Ryerson anticipates winter finish for athletics centre on building’s upper levels

    03 Nov 2011

    Check blog article link for photos

    For residents of nearby condos, co-ops and apartments, the long-overdue opening of the historic hockey arena’s new occupants — including a Loblaws grocery store, an LCBO liquor outlet, and Ryerson University’s Athletics Centre at the Gardens — won’t happen soon enough.
    Relief for all is now in the foreseeable future since the grocery store appears poised for a possible November opening, while the Ryerson athletic centre is on track for completion and occupancy sometime during the upcoming winter months.
    Although a Loblaws spokesperson told me yesterday that details for the grocery store opening date haven’t been determined yet, the neighbourhood has been buzzing with word it could be open for business in as few as two to three weeks’ time. Loblaws recently launched a massive recruitment drive, hiring hundreds of part-time staff to work in what is shaping up to become the chain’s premier flagship store. Several new staff told me they’ve been training at various Toronto Loblaws stores during the past three weeks. They said they initially were advised they would be working in the Gardens by the end of this week, but the date was pushed back and they’re now expecting to start work in the new store shortly after the middle of the month.
    Meanwhile, Ryerson students will have to wait several more months before they’ll get to check out the university’s new sports and recreation facilities. According to The Ryerson Athletics Centre at the Gardens page on the Ryerson University website, the sports centre is expected to be completed and ready for occupancy in “winter 2012.”
    Work on the Carlton Street marquee is also underway; this canopy over the main entrance is being reinforced by additional steel and is being prepared for the installation of the historic ‘Maple Leaf Gardens’ signage. The installation of glass windows on the street level, light fixtures in the stairwells and the fire alarm system is also in progress.
    Ryerson University website says the architectural team for the Gardens transformation includes Turner Fleischer Architects Inc. for the “base building” and BBB Architects Inc. for the “Ryerson fit up.” Heritage consultant is E.R.A. Architects Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredex View Post
    Having just walked past the site, if that's really going to happen, then they're going to have to put the pedal to the metal round the clock throughout the next week!

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    I took this a few days ago while passing by. Still lots of work to do.


    sorry can't seem to embed the video.

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