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Cherry & Mill, Toronto
Developer: Cityscape, Dream (formerly Dundee Realty)

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Thread: Pure/Clear Spirit, Gooderham Condos (Distillery, Cityscape, 32 + 40 + 35s, aA)

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    Darkstar416 Guest

    Default Pure/Clear Spirit, Gooderham Condos (Distillery, Cityscape, 32 + 40 + 35s, aA)

    Since I'm now the "official" UT photographer for Pure Spirit, Rezen and The Ago, I felt I better start getting some stuff up here. Oh and by the way, please don't let these "official" designations stop anyone else from posting pictures of the same project. The more the merrier!

    I don't think there's an official Pure Spirit thread yet, so I'll just dump them in here until one is created at which point I (or a Mod) can merge them.

    These were taken on Saturday afternoon:

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    TheAlmightyFuzzy Guest

    Default Crane Now Up @ Pure Spirits in the Distillery District

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    joeto11 Guest



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    billy corgan19982 Guest


    Thanks for all the updates.

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    mark simpson Guest


    has been up for months

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    Ed007Toronto Guest

    Default Pure Spirit Update

    No pictures but noticed tonight 2/3rds of the site is now at street level.

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    building babel Guest


    Someone I know who lives in the Distillery District informs me that there are plans to build two aA-designed condo towers ( he thinks about 40 and 45 floors ) on the south east corner of the site.

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    AlvinofDiaspar Guest

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    building babel Guest


    Thanks Alvin. There was a community meeting a couple of weeks ago where they showed rough architectural models to the locals - who didn't throw hissy fits or anything.

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    Mystery Man TO Guest


    Ther propose 50 storeys in the Distillery and there isn't even a little hissing? Toronto NIMBYs must be getting burned out.

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    building babel Guest


    My colleague says that he and the other residents were pleased that the architects were proposing point towers rather than lower, bulkier buildings.

    Obviously, the architects had on their primate handling gloves and went about things properly: there was no snarling and snapping from the crowd, and therefore no need for the employment of harpoon guns dipped in tranquilizer, the dispensing of Kool-Aid laced with sedatives, or the firing of tear gas canisters. In any case, the locals mostly live in condos, so their Pavlovian reflex is to salivate whenever an architect with blueprints of a tall building approaches. It would be quite a different matter if Peter Clewes dared to propose such towers half way along Babel's bucolic Riverdale avenue: we'd have his balls for a bowtie within seconds.

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    bizorky Guest


    his balls for a bowtie
    I always thought that this expression meant something else.

    The area is begging for development, and there will be plenty of it in the next ten to fifteen years.

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    Jarrek Guest


    I don't know. I think the towers will ruin the historic district they were trying to create.

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    circuitboy84 Guest


    I can tell you these point towers may detract from it being a prime location to shoot as its hard to get good framing of a historic building if there is a 50 storey condo tower looming over top of it.

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    building babel Guest


    Can't it just be taken out with technical wizardry later? Aren't real actors and venues going to be obsolete in a few years anyway?

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