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U of T: Goldring Student Centre at Victoria University
150 Charles St W, Toronto
Developer: University of Toronto

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Thread: U of T: Goldring Student Ctr @ Wymilwood (Victoria College, 3s, Moriyama Teshima)

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    Default U of T: Goldring Student Ctr @ Wymilwood (Victoria College, 3s, Moriyama Teshima)

    One of my archi-moles informs me that there's a RFP to develop an addition to Eric Arthur's Wymilwood College, just down the street. Plenty of heritage consideration will be given, natch, to this distinctive 1954 Toronto style building.

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    With Wymilwood apparently up next, the section of Charles that runs from Bay to Queen's Park has seen some smashing rejuvenation projects and new construction over the past decade.

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    US, I'm on the development council for the extention of Wymilwood and will be meeting with KPMB next Friday to discuss their plans. Other firms in the running are Goldsmith Borgal (who did our initial massing and spatial surveys) and Moriyama and Teshima.

    I can't say much about the actual structure itself but I can give a couple of hints: The space will extend out of the east side of the building, bridge over the Marg. Ad. driveway and connect to that building on the south side. The interior courtyard will be fully landscaped and the Cats Eye entertainment facility will be completly revamped. It should be no more than two stories which will emphasize the 'human' scale of the project.

    Exciting stuff going on at Vic! Ill be happy to provide updates as they come.

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    The best revamping the Cat's Ass (as we called it) could hope for would be an implosion of some variety. Revamping Wymilwood has been a pet project of Vic students for decades, to little avail. I spent altogether too much of my life in that building, once upon a time...

    Retentive note for the mods: could we change the thread title ever so slightly? It's not Wymilwood College, it's just a building called Wymilwood. (It's the Victoria College students-centre thingy.)

    ps. thanks for the details, ProjectEnd!

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    Project End: Thank you for the details. It's interesting to read this sort of "inside" info from some of the knowledgeable people here.

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    My mole, in this case, was a KPMB one. I was informed that they're working with E.R.A., who are doing the Distillery District with aA of course, on this project.

    A couple of the E.R.A. architects put together the great little Concrete Toronto book just released.

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    So the Victoria University Design Subcommittee (of which I am a part) met with three firms today. KPMB, Goldsmith Borgal and Moriyama & Teshima all made presentations which will be taken into consideration when making the final decision regarding the renovation's future designer.

    The committee was pleased with how different each proposal was - I really wish I could explain the aesthetics of each but I have been sworn to secrecy lest I be banished from the council forever. As soon as its officially announced I'll post renderings and details about each firm's proposal so you all can fight it out.

    What I can say though is that in a blind ballot, the winning firm was chosen unanimously among 7 voters.

    Tune in next week. Same Eric Arthur Time. Same Eric Arthur Channel.

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    Here are some plans I found on a Vic website. Not much relevant information as the plans are old. I can however, happily inform you that Moriyama Teshima was the winning firm. Nothing on their website yet though. Still, the proposal M/T submitted is stunning; I will post renders and information as soon as it becomes available. I can tell you that what M/T has proposed similar to the 'bridge' scheme. Exciting stuff happening at Vic!

    January 2007 Feasibility Study

    Moriyama Teshima Architects

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    It looks promising, but it has been awhile. Three and a half months later we still can't fight it out without the renderings.

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    Anything new?

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    No. We are waiting on M/T to give us their final proposal with exact measurements etc., not just massing forms. Once that happens, I will post the document for all to see.

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    Any news?

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    I'll be going to VIC as of the fall. But I thought Wymilwood wasn't getting redeveloped for a while yet... or atleast it won't be ready again for new use until the next school year, autumn 2009... Is this correct?

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    Actually our projected competion date is around Sept. 2010. So you will be in second year when it opens, Urban!ty.

    A little news on this one.

    The reason it's taking so long is because the expansion has to go for re-zoning. Not the infamous height rezoning which so many rightly decry here, our application is for increased density. Once we get it past the City, it shouldn't be long before the excavators move in...

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    I might go to the meeting for Vic students on Wednesday where they will be presenting the designs and asking our opinions as students.

    If so, I'll post any details I can here for sure!

    The new name, Goldring Centre, however, I find to be tacky, and really unfortunate in general.

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