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Discovery at Concord Park Place
33 Singer Court, Toronto
Developer: Concord Adex
Website: www.concordadex.com/parkplace/discovery_main.asp

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Thread: Discovery 1 & 2 (Concord Park Place, Concord Adex, 2x 28 + 16 + 12s, Quadrangle)

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    elook Guest


    Though I also assume that some people will like them since many people enjoy Las Vegas or Niagara Falls or Orlando, cities where these towers would probably fit in fine.
    Or Mississauga.

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    spmarshall Guest


    The Star says that Concord is planning at least 20 towers for the site, along with the park and community centre, but the towers will be "more in keeping with the scale of the neighbourhood." Otherwise nothing new in the article.

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    roch5220 Guest


    Reading this news, I somehow can't get the feeling that this area will turn into .... only with less density ....

    Oh well, finally it seems the Sheppard line could be paying off.

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    21stcenturymichael Guest


    I'm guessing you've never seen them in person...few say they're not impressive when they see the sun glint off the roofs driving up and down the 401
    I have rarely heard anyone say anything good about them.

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    AlvinofDiaspar Guest


    From the Post:

    4,000 units to go up at busy corner

    Tim Shufelt, National Post
    Published: Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    A $149.7-million land sale yesterday paves the way for a massive 4,000-unit residential development neighbouring Ikea at Sheppard Avenue and Leslie Street.

    Yesterday, Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd. announced its sale of roughly 40 acres of land to Concord Adex Investments Ltd., the Vancouver-based developer behind CityPlace, the 22-tower condo development near Rogers Centre.

    Willowdale Councillor David Shiner was not available for comment. Ed Shiller, who is challenging Mr. Shiner in the Nov. 13 election, said the project will add to the area's congestion problems.

    The corner was recently named the 12th-most-clogged intersection in the city.

    "It's going to put a burden on the existing infrastructure --roads and transit," Mr. Shiller said. "The people living in this area are very worried about it."

    He said he won't oppose the project, as development of the prime lands is unstoppable. "The question is whether the developer will consult with the community, and they are engaged to ameliorate any negative effects," he said.

    Canadian Tire's announcement said, "The purchaser will make significant infrastructure investments in the local road network and toward the creation of a community park."

    The deal is scheduled to close next month.



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    spmarshall Guest


    I have rarely heard anyone say anything good about them.
    They look much better at night - the lighting of the roofs is actually, in my view, a bit attractive.

    Otherwise, they are kitschy and at best, mediocre knock-offs.

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    Mike in TO Guest


    Good news for the Sheppard Subway... plus the Tridel and Monarch projects along the future Sheppard extension - the urbanization of North York continues...

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    SD2 Guest


    Hopefully Concord has learned something from Cityplace West and designs a project that's well thought out at street level too.

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    Oliver Tweed Guest


    From the Star:

    Giant condo project for North York
    20 or more towers on drawing board
    Site bought for $150 million
    Oct. 31, 2006. 07:41 AM

    One of the largest condominium developments in Canada is being planned next to the Ikea store in North York.

    Vancouver-based Concord Adex Investments Ltd. has purchased 16 hectares near Leslie St. and Sheppard Ave. from Canadian Tire Corp. for $149.7 million. Concord plans to build at least 20 condominium towers on the site, including as many as 4,000 units with up to 4 million square feet of space, as well as a park and community centre, Cliff McCracken, senior vice-president of Concord Pacific Group Inc., the parent company, said yesterday.

    Concord Adex is responsible for some of Canada's biggest developments, including the $3 billion Concord Pacific Place project on the downtown Vancouver Expo 86 lands site; and the massive CityPlace development on former railway lands by Spadina Ave. in downtown Toronto.

    So far, the company has completed nine towers at the CityPlace site and is marketing another four, McCracken said. CityPlace is already Toronto's largest condo site, zoned for 5.5 million square feet of living space.

    McCracken said the privately held company, headed by the Hui family of Vancouver, plans to build towers at the North York site that are more in keeping with the scale of the neighbourhood. Some of the developer's downtown towers soar more than 40 storeys.

    The site currently has a Canadian Tire distribution centre and store. Canadian Tire plans to keep about 1.2 hectares for future use and will retain the existing store site.

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    thx1038 Guest

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    scarberiankhatru Guest


    Has Canadian Tire moved their warehouse to Brampton?

    "I have rarely heard anyone say anything good about them."

    Again, talk to real people, not internet forumers, and you might get a different story. With their council-mandated morph into stubbier towers, lots of people don't even recognize what buildings they're supposed to be - most people won't say anything about them unless prodded anyway. I've heard people make fun of the name but I'm telling you, people like the roofs...they're impressive. Pudong and Vegas are also impressive, antiloop.

    "Reading this news, I somehow can't get the feeling that this area will turn into .... only with less density ...."

    Not really - some of the towers will be low-rise, perhaps only 4 towers will approach 30 storeys. But that's based on the old site plan, which will almost certainly change.

    "Oh well, finally it seems the Sheppard line could be paying off."

    It already pays off. This will help pay off Bessarion station...well, unless they build more units closer to Leslie station, that is, although it may be awkward to walk to. The main thing that the Sheppard line needs is to be extended to Downsview and STC.

    "Good news for the Sheppard Subway..."

    If they don't start ramping up the frequency during rush hour, some people are gonna stop taking it. Some people audibly gasp when they see the forced crowds.

    "The corner was recently named the 12th-most-clogged intersection in the city."

    That's because of the perpetual construction...no idea what they're doing but it's been ongoing for like a year. But everyone knows Sheppard is a busy road - that's one reason they built the subway.

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    roch5220 Guest


    With their council-mandated morph into stubbier towers, lots of people don't even recognize what buildings they're supposed to be - most people won't say anything about them unless prodded anyway
    I would have to agree that the original towers would definately be a lot better if they were the original slimness. But thats really a non issue.

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    Mike in TO Guest


    ^ If I can remember correctly the original NY towers were 2x35 & 2x30 - the density was the exact same, but the negotiations wouldn't allow Daniels to break the 28s height limit - so they took the same density that they were originally permitted and squashed the towers down (Same thing happen to Kolter with Waterclub and many other projects across the city). All the proportions and roof lines now just look somewhat awkward - had the original designs been built the project would still have a somewhat silly element to it, but at least the towers would have been more graceful and fit together better.

    The Capital Towers in Mississauga look much better IMO.

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    scarberiankhatru Guest


    ^ Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise that they're not slavish copies of the originals...lots of people don't recognize what buildings they're copying even with the name, permitting them to enjoy the roofs unbiased.

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    Mike in TO Guest


    ^ They would not have looked anything like the real buildings that lended some very very minor influence if they were taller.

    Had they been taller and thinner the design we now have in North York would have looked less repulsive and may have actually been interesting in a positive sense. They would have never ever been confused with the real thing - besides the marketing which is now over and done with, I really don't think anyone would even think of New York City when looking at these condos - they just look like run of the mill suburban condos with pointy hats, they could have just looked better IMO had the original Kirkor design been implemented.

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