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Thread: The Junction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seymour View Post
    The square at Pacific & Dundas is already there, for public use. Why do we need another public space (to fall into disrepair and neglect).
    It is privately owned and will eventually be turned into retail/condos. The demand for public space in that area is really high, haven't you been attending any Junction Resident's Association meetings ? Next meeting is on March 12 at 7pm @ the West Toronto Baptist Church.

    The temporary "Junction City Square" is used quite consistently all through the year, there's at least one official event every 2 months, not to mention a constant meeting space for many local groups, including Junction Parents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by junction_parents View Post
    It is privately owned and will eventually be turned into retail/condos.
    And besides, you've got to admit: as anything other than a makeshift solution upon "lent land", the existing, uh, "square" is the epitome of gap-toothed awkwardness--and even the shelter underlines rather than alleviates the fact.

    As a permanent condition, it's unworthy of the Junction.

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    ....hense the search for permanent space.. http://junctionps.blogspot.com/

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    @Crema today, I wondered how well Wise Daughter's are doing? Pretty dead up there, other than the coffee shop. But, I thought this would make a nice "Junction painting:"

    Nice looking bag there with maple sugar season tree motif.
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    Urban, the craft shop is doing ok, they have all kinds of workshops and events.. I haven't been to Crema in a few weeks, I've been going to Espresso Mi Vida a lot.

    I'm curious about the "Fatima cafe", sounds interesting...

  7. Default Channel Zero All Boarded Up

    Does anyone know what is happening to Channel Zero (north side of Dundas, just west of Cool Hand Of A Girl, before Keele)? They're a great addition to the street. But, for months they've kept their storefront boarded-up. It looks like the construction is over. So, what responsibility do they have to take this down?

  8. Default Gerard Who?

    While we're on the subject, it would be great to see Gerard Kennedy's new diggs spruced-up a little -- signage or something -- so that it looks a little more occupied and part of the street. What do others think -- a waste of tax-payer money or would it be better for the street?

  9. Default Gerard Kennedy Reply

    Well, after sending off an email asking what is happening, today, I received this incredibly prompt reply...

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    We held a competition with local sign companies immediately after the office was relinquished to us and are only waiting for the needed warmer weather to install. A cold weather installation would involve taking the sign down and transporting at considerable cost, more than I believe should be spent. With a little good weather the sign should be up in a few weeks.


    Gerard Kennedy, MP

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    Junction area, t'other side of tracks

    Default Relocation 11 Division to Carleton Village School - Update

    For those of you not aware, the Heritage Advisory Group met on Friday, March 27th. Representatives from the Toronto Police Services, City of Toronto Community Planning and Urban Design, Stantec Inc., and E.R.A. Architects, as well as two designated community representatives were in attendance. Three possible design drafts were presented at this meeting by the architect of record, Stantec Inc. No affirmative decision has yet been made, however, plans have to be submitted to the Chief of Police by the end of April, so time is of the essence.
    The Carleton Village Residents Association is holding its bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 31st, 7pm at the Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre, 1900 Davenport to discuss this before submitting our proposal to Stantec Inc. and the T.P.S.
    Architects from Stantec Inc. will be in attendance to assist in clarifying the options.
    We need to have a healthy turnout for this meeting as a message to the T.P.S. and the architects, the importance this heritage building and the green space around it is to the community so we encourage residents from both sides of the tracks to attend. This is another critical turning point in the planning process that we as a community can help determine the outcome.
    It's through the efforts and determination of the CVRA and this community that has allowed us to get this far as the T.P.S. are in no way obligated to preserve any of the original building or any of the green space on the property.
    Please show your support by coming out on Tuesday night and bring friends and neighbours.
    We look forward to seeing you there!

  11. Default Question from a First Timer

    First time on UrbanToronto. Is there an actual definition of what comprises the Junction? I live at Jane and Dundas and have always seen the Junction as being east of me. However, I cannot think of another neighbourhood that fits.

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    Isn't Jane and Dundas sort of Baby Point north?
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    The Junction today seems to be from Old Weston Road to Runnymede, and from Annette north to about St. Clair. The name comes from a former municipality which got annexed by the city, so there's quite a lot of income diversity and mix of land uses in the Junction.

  14. Default

    Map from the West Toronto Junction Historical Society:

    Though people these days seem to refer to "The Junction" as a smaller area.

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    I was in The Junction yesterday and found it fascinating. Has anyone else thought that Medford Avenue would be ideal for more retail zoning sort of like Baldwin Street? The way it terminates at the Annette Library and its length seems to make an ideal retail street for smaller storefronts. Too bad about the church at the corner being turned into lofts as it would make an ideal event space/community centre.

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