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Aura at College Park
388 Yonge Street, Toronto
Developer: Canderel
Website: www.collegeparkcondos.com

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Thread: Aura: Residences of College Park III (Canderel, 78s, G+C)

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    Took this on Sept 28, 2014

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    They will start removing the overhang in a week of two, according to a notice left on the bulletin board at ROCP.

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    @Edward Skira
    great photo! the sheer size combined with the fog/lighting almost makes Aura look like Godzilla or something! (in a good way). I also never noticed that the drop off for the taller slope was actually visible from the ground. I expected Aura to be high enough for that ledge to be hidden. Guess I'm wrong. It looks a bit sloppy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveve View Post
    @Edward Skira
    great photo! the sheer size combined with the fog/lighting almost makes Aura look like Godzilla or something! (in a good way).
    It is a great photo though Godzilla is far more photogenic than Aura!

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    From the west the roofline looks bad; the sloping roofline of the east elevation just sort of drops off at the north end instead of blending with the slope of the west parapet. From the north the roofline looks quite unresolved as well.

    From the south/east, I will admit, the crown/pinnacle looks sharp. The lighting at night is great too.

    /end of positive things I can say about Aura.

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    ^^ I think you're being far too generous. It's mind-boggling to me that such a prominent landmark wasn't handed to a talented, local design firm let alone subject to an international design competition. Forget about New York or Chicago. *Mississauga* is ahead of Toronto here. Now we have to stare at this garbage for the next 100 years, woot-wooted only by adolescent fanboys and girls who understand/care about height alone and nothing else.

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    Canderel just released an official update for aura. Here's an excerpt:
    Building a tower like Aura takes a lot of work, both upfront and behind the scenes. At this point, the building may look completely finished from the outside, but we still have some final steps to take to make sure that our vision is fulfilled and the building is complete from top to bottom. The next few weeks you'll see our construction team working on our amenities spaces, our swooping roof, and removal of the temporary canopy over the retail podium.

    We'll also be working on the glass installation for the swooping roof, which will be fully complete in the coming weeks. The hoist, which is the exterior construction elevator, will be coming down once the glass rooftop is completed, along with the safety canopy above the ground floor retail on Yonge St. This will go on throughout the month of October and into November, and will take about 4 weeks to be dismantled.

    I wonder if the glass installation on the roof will fix the truncated line/curve that some ppl have commented on in earlier posts

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    I was just about to post that.
    The source: http://auracondos.blogspot.com/2014/...ra-condos.html

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    a GREAT looking building from street level up and on street level--north and south on yonge street.
    underground it is an abortion.
    there are approximately 100 shops in the lower level -- too many, and too small to be of value to retailers. and customers alike.
    access to college park is a horrendous exercise of stairs -- no consumer friendly flow between the two complexes. (i go out on yonge street and use ground level access to both buildings, ignoring the basement because the lower level is just a basement.
    we had heard that would be a TTC access from the building, but NON in sight.

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