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Aura at College Park
388 Yonge Street, Toronto
Developer: Canderel

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Thread: Aura: Residences of College Park III (Canderel, 78s, G+C)

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    dt_toronto_geek, It is much better if you copy the img code posted beside the image on photobucket, as the photo is much larger here:

    [IMG.]http://i770.photobucket.com/albums/xx341/scullydog259/Aura_Feb23-13_zpsc80ae3e9.jpg[/IMG.] (ignore the periods in the img code, they are put there so you can actually see the code)

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    Quote Originally Posted by innsertnamehere View Post
    dt_toronto_geek, It is much better if you copy the img code posted beside the image on photobucket, as the photo is much larger here:
    Yes, I know that thanks - I've been loading images as thumbnails forever here so as not to slow down the loading of a page but if you prefer that, no problem. Some of my posts when I was able to photograph more used to number in the dozens sometimes!
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    from today

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    ^Clumsy (the setback, not the photo.)
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    The setback has been looking less awkward the higher they get. The first couple floors looked especially weird from the north because of the way the floor plate tapers back, it made it appear like half the tower abruptly stopped.

    What doesn't seem to be improving is the balcony glass. To my eye it's clashing really badly with the curtainwall on the south elevation. It doesn't look so bad on the window wall sections, but I really wish they'd gone with a simple tint to match the dark curtainwall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by urbandreamer View Post
    ^Clumsy (the setback, not the photo.)
    The same could be said of your rush to judgement. You are always too eager to sound the most well-informed and knowledgeable that you sacrifice scrutiny for speed.

    Allow me to elucidate:

    The clumsiness, to which I assume you refer, is the way the northern center section seems to step back from the facade in a double-step, awkward way (indicated below). When likely that secondary setback on the left (Which is the protrusion to accommodate the balconies.) will disappear in a few floors, as the balconies end and the curtainwall begins in that spot (Indicated in a close-up of a rendering I did recently. I am sure they will do a better job than my render.)

    You will note that once the balconies on the eastern side of the north face end, the secondary setback vanishes and the curtainwall blends in nicely. Also, the addition of the service elevator hoarding, is adding a dimension of distraction from the smooth transition the curving curtainwall will make with the western half of the North face.

    Certainly this is just speculation on my part at this point, however I will err on the side of caution before I judge the look of a finished project before it is even halfway completed.
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    Amazing shots steveve! That balcony glass is doing a pretty decent job of covering up all those mullions. The progress on the curved section is also very interesting to watch. Here is a shot from just now captured by the Aura Webcam:

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    Great pics steveve. I gotta say that Aura is looking much better with the balcony glass up and the curve becoming more apparent.

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    I was not completely sold on the balcony glass when I first saw it, but I must admit, it's looking pretty smart!
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    I'm still not convinced from the balcony glass I think its a little to light colored but overall I like the building and still think as the glass goes up it will get better.

    As of now its reached beast mode in height, seems pretty tall. I would guess around 175m.

    I'm guessing 54th floor anyone know?

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    52nd I think. 48 floors until the first setback, and then 4 more on top of that.

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    Traynor: Incorrect.

    Clumsy as in the way the basic shape meets the "square." Even I could've come up with a better solution in SketchUp.

    Btw, recently drove by those horrors around SCC. This building is worse.
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    UD... you make me smile! A for consistency.
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    A little future fun...

    A rendering done from a great perspective. Original picture taken by member skyjacked found Here.

    (Original and Rendering for comparison)

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