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832 Bay St., Toronto
Developer: Lanterra Developments, Dov Capital Corporation

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Thread: Burano (Bay & Grosvenor, Lanterra, 50s, aA)

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    tkip Guest

    Default Burano (Bay & Grosvenor, Lanterra, 50s, aA)

    Apparently phase 3 will be 48 storeys.

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    AlvinofDiaspar Guest


    City of Toronto Downtown East York Community Council Report:


    Trapezoid cross section, 48s


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    cassiusa Guest


    Not what I was expecting but this looks really good. The north and south elevations make it appear terribly thin in a good way and it's a nice play on the box. I'll wait for a rendering but this might be my new favourite proposal.

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    3Dementia Guest


    I had a sneaking suspicion the "trapezoid" might be the footprint and not the vertical elevation... bit disappointed by this. This might better be described as a parallelogram. I too will wait before passing judgement. Hopefully more than a squished/skewed Murano.

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    alklay Guest


    "This might better be described as a parallelogram." You are right and the report calls it such.

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    Mike in TO Guest


    Well trapezoid was how it was described to me, but I really didn't ever think it would be verticle, it makes little sense as the psf increases with each floor - one reason why Ritz did the inverse to increase square footage on the top floors.

    Overall it appears to be a very interesting plan and preserves some view corridors from the first two phase which is good news for purchasers.

    This comes in at 489 feet, perhaps with mechanical it may be over 500 feet. It does appear somewhat wide in the east/west elevation, but I'm fairly confident that Lanterra will produce an attractive tower and the shape will present some interesting angles and opportunities for interior layouts. The atrium could be very attractive at street level.

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    gbelan Guest


    158m to top 518 ft

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    3Dementia Guest


    t makes little sense as the psf increases with each floor - one reason why Ritz did the inverse to increase square footage on the top floors.
    Ah but I often look at things in an upside-down kinda way... think of the square footage value of upper floors in an inverted trapezoid. Think Whistler's tower turned on end (even shallow balconies would work and no neighbours above your flat could spit on you).


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    Canuck 36 Guest


    gbelan, where did you get that figure from?

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    gbelan Guest


    ^the pdf,i zoomed in ,that is to the high roof ,the mech pen
    starts at 149

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    Canuck 36 Guest


    Good stuff, I'll add it to the 400+ list then.

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    scarberiankhatru Guest


    "Addison always makes me think of my friend Janice. In the 90's when we both worked on Grenville she was very nearly creamed by a piece of the dealership that fell off the second floor, it missed her by a few feet. For several years after it was held up with wires."

    Oh. My. God.

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    gbelan Guest


    i knew a guy named Grenville.serious.

    btw it just clicked in,murano 3 will be taller than rocp!

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    mark simpson Guest


    I have doubts with the RoCP height

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    roch5220 Guest


    The third phase won't be actually phase 3 of murano. It'll be called Burano. You'll have to create a new thread.

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