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Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Toronto
60 Yorkville Av, Toronto
Developer: Lifetime Developments, Menkes Developments, Alcion Ventures

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Thread: Four Seasons Hotel/Condominiums (Menkes/4S/Lifetime, 52 + 25s, aA)

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    Is y and p involved with the outside of the 4s??

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    Quote Originally Posted by SP!RE View Post
    Well to each their own... I just like the contrast. Too much shiny would be tiresome on the eyes. The stone they used and its rough, grainy texture provides a lovely counterpoint to the shiny, smooth glass.
    Fair enough, but I think the use of stone alone is sufficient to provide contrast with the all-glass curtain wall. The slate cladding feels as though they were trying too hard to provide this contrast, I don't feel it ties in well with the building above it and that it would have been more appropriate here to use a kind stone that accentuates the opulent nature of the structure.

    Quote Originally Posted by egotrippin View Post
    I like the slate too. Uptown's granite is one of the poorest examples of stone application I've seen; somehow they managed to make polished black granite look disgraceful (much like the entire project itself).

    I think once all the glass and finishing touches have been installed, and cleaned up, 4S's base will look even better.
    My reference to the Uptown was solely in regards to the material used and had nothing to do with its application, which was quite obviously poorly conceived. But we shall see just how well the slate is cleaned up.

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    I like the use of the reveal - a subtle detail used at the TD Centre, too - around the smaller windows, and the tonal differences between greys, and how the larger windows extend outwards in contrast to the reveals.

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    I must say that it's gonna be one Classy building!!!

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    I love the building as a whole. But the narrow, arrow slit windows in the weathered grey stone podium walls makes me think the place is being designed to withstand a siege. I first thought the structure was reminiscent of the 60's. Now I think it is mre medieval.

    How about a mangonel or trebuchet mounted on the podium to complete the effect? :-)
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    Just replace the fins with crenellations and machicolations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tewder View Post
    Just replace the fins with crenellations and machicolations!
    Absolutely! The structure would then be prepared to repel the barbarian hordes of Yorkville and Cumberland.

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    One more

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    It's definitely looking impressive. Nice shot of the Rolls Royce Phantom too.

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    28 April 2012: Yep it's modern all right!

    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    Nice shot caltrane. Getting the Rolls in was a nice touch.

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    The glass on the tower is up on all four sides now. Looks good.

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