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Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Toronto
60 Yorkville Av, Toronto
Developer: Lifetime Developments, Menkes Developments, Alcion Ventures

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Thread: Four Seasons Hotel/Condominiums (Menkes/4S/Lifetime, 52 + 25s, aA)

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    WhistlerinToronto Guest


    Where are the diagrams?

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    AlexisTO Guest


    want Toronto to have as many 200m+ buildings as possible...i guess i'm getting what i want
    We don't have them yet and considering how many 150M+ buildings have being proposed over the past 20 years and how few of them were actually built, I don't have much hope for everything currently proposed, getting built. Then again Toronto does go through these phases were lots happens for a decade and then nothing happens for two decades. So far this has been a pretty go decade and it is only half over. Who knows??

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    mark simpson Guest


    "Toronto does go through these phases were lots happens for a decade and then nothing happens for two decades"


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    Ontarian1976 Guest


    What do you guys have against that Ford dealership? I've never found it that ugly. Or are you just against cars in general?

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    ganjavih Guest


    What do you guys have against that Ford dealership? I've never found it that ugly. Or are you just against cars in general?
    It's completely out of place there... pressed up against the old library and fire hall. Tear the sucker down!

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    billy corgan19982 Guest


    I would like to tear down the Toyota dealership at Spadina and Front.

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    Archivistower Guest


    What do you guys have against that Ford dealership? I've never found it that ugly.
    I'm not sure how that's possible. It's bland, not well maintained, hulking over quite lovely buildings beside, offers nothing to anyone passing by. Out of curiosity, could you name a building you do find ugly?

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    adma Guest


    Actually, I think there's the remnants of some old stable/livery/whatever behind/beneath the dealership (though that's no excuse to retain it).

    One mitigating factor: a certain "gentility" (reflective of Bay Street's old role as centre for the high-class auto trade). It isn't exactly a greasebucket joint out around Weston Rd or something. But re keeping it: why bother?

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    yyzer Guest


    interesting, over at SSC Mr. Man is saying that the Four Seasons will be 672ft and the secondary 30-storey tower will be 410ft...

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    rbtaylor Guest


    Four Seasons will be 672ft
    Somehow I think this will go to the OMB. Yorkville was very noisy against buildings 1/4 that height.

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    adma Guest


    Hey, if Yorkville's old bats in tennis shoes start complaining, the Four Seasons can sing, "Big Girls Don't Cry"...

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    The Burgher of TO Guest


    i actually don't see this one getting as much opposition as some of the other developments in the area. 18 yorkville set a new height precedent for the area, and it turned out so well that its going to be hard arguing about the detrimental effects of towers on the neighbourhood. plus i think the four seasons has enough of a brand name cachet to drive this one through. if you were a local business would you want to be seen railing against one of, if not the, biggest celebrity draws in the neighbourhood?

    there might be some token opposition from residents' groups, but if they can get the BIA on board we might see this one get its full 600+ ft

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    yyzer Guest


    Website for the residences is up, but no rendering yet...


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    GeekyBoyTO Guest


    Info from City website:

    Hotel/residential tower - 55s, 205m
    Residential tower - 30s, 125m

    Description of Proposal

    The development proposal is for a mixed-use development consisting of two buildings, a 205 metres (55-storey) hotel-residential tower at the northeast corner of Bay Street and Yorkville Avenue and a 125 metre (30-storey) residential tower on the south side of Scollard Street east of Bay Street. The floor plate for the hotel portion is 1,225 square metres and above that, the residential portion of the tower has a step back of 4.6 m along the east and west walls and a floor plate of approximately 955 square metres. The floor plate for the 30-storey building is approximately 735 square metres up to the 8th storey, stepping back to 665 square metres above that height.

    The at-grade street frontages of the podium building along Bay Street and Yorkville Avenue consist of retail uses along both frontages and the hotel lobby would open onto both Bay Street and an internal courtyard. The lobby for the 30-storey building would also open onto Scollard Street. The residential lobby of the 55-storey building would also open onto the internal courtyard.

    The 55-storey tower would sit atop a terraced 6-storey podium building, which would occupy the entire Bay Street frontage on the site. The two towers would be linked together with a central access courtyard at grade, as well as by a pedestrian bridge at the 6th storey level.

    The 55-storey tower would comprise of a 23-storey, 265-room hotel and the remaining 32-stories above the hotel floors consist of 150-unit residential tower. The second to the fifth floors would accommodate ballrooms, banquet rooms and meeting rooms for the hotel. At the sixth floor level, there would be a fitness facility and a swimming pool on a rooftop terrace overlooking Scollard Street. The 30-storey tower would contain 180 units.

    Vehicular access would be provided from both Yorkville Avenue and Scollard Street. The internal courtyard would provide access to drop-off areas for the hotel lobby and the two residential towers. Ramp access to a four level underground garage would be located in the northwest corner of the courtyard. The 1st level of parking will contain the limousine/taxi waiting area. Loading would be located within the podium building facing Scollard Street.

    Coming soon

    A Preliminary Report on the Four Seasons Development Application, with applicant drawings attached, will be submitted to City Council on November 15, 2005.


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    alklay Guest


    Great link GB.

    On the page, we learn that Peter Clewes/Rudy Wallman, Architects Alliance are the architects.

    It will be interesting to see what they do with a lot of money (or more money than their normal residential condo budgets). I expect (hope) that the claddings etc will be of a higher quality.

    And they get to play with the fact that the hotel etc will be just down the street from 18 Yorkville (also theirs).

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