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185 Legion Road North, Toronto
Developer: Camrost-Felcorp

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Thread: iLoft Condos (Camrost-Felcorp) - Real Estate -

  1. Default iLoft Condos (Camrost-Felcorp) - Real Estate -

    Does anyone have an opinion of iLofts?

    It's a little out of the city but it looks promising, and the prices are very appealing.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    If you're a car and truck fan you'll love it! If you enjoy a whiff of car fumes with your morning bowl of BalconyFlakes than i(s it really a)loft is for you.

    If you're a fan of stunning architecture, peaceful nights of sleep and highly urban neighbourhoods filled with cafes, shops and barbers than i(hate my)loft is not for you!

    But, maybe you don't care? Then i(don't care what it looks and feels like)loft is a good choice!

    As a wannabe snob, it's nice to know some people just don't belong in the old city of Toronto

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    Atkins Architects designed 9T6, so lofts 'r' them.

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    Same developer for both projects too - Camrost-Felcorp.

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    The smell of Christies could be a positive point.

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    Mr Christie: You make great i(eat my crummy)lofts!
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducati0000 View Post
    My cousin lives on Manitoba/Legion..I totally disagree with the comment about being a industrial area.Quieter than %85 of the condos in the city,its 5 minutes walk to the lake,10 minutes drive to Skydome,no crazy bars or clubs in the area so no 3:00am bar closing headaches,there is no smell coming from the companies in that area except Christies.The few remaining businesses there will sooner or later be bought out and converted into houses or condos.Its still a undeveloped strip of land where there is huge potential for future homes,infact the front of iloft is going to be luxury townhomes I heard.Yes I owned a iloft loft,just say the demand is still very strong for this area,I bought because of recommendations of real estate friends and friends who live in that area.By the way my purchase has appreciated %15 within the last 5 months so a lot of buyers are still picking up the units.
    Well done! The interior is designed by Mike Niven... I like this modern look. do you like it? what do you think?

    I bought a pre-constr that will be designed by him as well, I can't wait!

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    I drive by these places every day. I'm not too sure that the price is that good for what you get...although prices have likely risen since the original post was written. The buildings are pretty close to the gardiner and essentially cut off from the city because of it. Not much around there, except other condos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by junctionist View Post
    The smell of Christies could be a positive point.
    It could be if they tore down the Humber sewage plant, which is the dominant odour provider for the area, by far.

  10. Default ilofts

    floorplans for iloft are stored within this presentation
    last sale information for July 07 to January 08 is available here
    http://www.eleganthomesinwesttoronto...=&Pageid=47249 ( 200 250 & 300 Manitoba)

    the Tides 185 Legion http://www.eleganthomesinwesttoronto...=&Pageid=47258

    Happy reading!

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    Very cool presentation flying around, over and through the building.

    I wish they would do these long and detailed animations for all projects. Would have loved to see this for CASA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducati0000 View Post
    .By the way my purchase has appreciated %15 within the last 5 months so a lot of buyers are still picking up the units.
    I know nothing of the project(s) but 3% return per month annualized to 36% per year is not bad in this type of market and markets to come. I assume if you're keeping such a close eye on monthly gains you don't plan to hold it long term (or else there is no reason to monitor such monthly moves in the first place). Are you considering cashing out soon ??

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    I went to the iLoft sales office today. I wanted to check out the neighborhood and the model suite - I really liked both. Looking back at the original post in this thread, I can only be amused and a bit jealous, because right now the prices at iLoft are anything but appealing. I've scanned the list price (attachment), see for yourself (builder is offering 2%off the "list" price). "Flats" refer to normal condos, "suites" are 2-storey lofts.

    The building has a great design and the location will appeal to some, but the area is still very industrial and not well served by mass transit. Yet $280,000 for 640sqf... Who is buying these things, seriously...
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    I happened to be driving by the area today, and noticed that they're advertising "lakeview" suites. I'd say it's a bit of a stretch to count that as a key feature, considering you could easily buy a condo that's really beside the lake... how about "off-ramp view" or "steps to CN mainline"?

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    Anyone know what the status is on the construction? Driving by last time it looked like they were still digging, or doing foundation work. Occupancy is supposed to be fall 2009 so wondering how much further it may get pushed back.

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