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300 Front Street West
300 Front Street West, Toronto
Developer: Tridel

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Thread: 300 Front St W (Tridel, 49s, Wallman Architects)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fred View Post
    Why is everyone gushing over this project? It's Nothing special! Just another grey eyesore in the city! The only person or persons who should be gushing are the developers as they laugh all the way to the bank!

    Just because something is over 20 storeys doesn't make it a gem!
    How one person can consistently be so curmudgeonly and negative is fascinating to me. I am confused though .... in one of the rare positive posts you've ever made, you said you like the Ritz BECAUSE it is gray (which it isn't - its green) but then you slam this building for being gray. Help me out here Fred.

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    Aside from the fact there's pretty moch zero grey on this bulding, grey is awesome! Why does the city need to look like disneyland? Europeans are fine with 99% grey cities... plus in north america our buildings light up with color freatures at night which is great. Toronto definitely rocks at that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlvinofDiaspar View Post
    I think the semi-irregularity of the window wall design worked very well - however, the same cladding materials used in a more traditional pattern (east side facing the square, etc) really shows "weakness".

    Agreed - and the SW corner on Front St. - looks like "Son of Crystal Blue".

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    ^ Watch out. I said something similar and got roasted

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    Thanks for the photo updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by officedweller View Post
    Agreed - and the SW corner on Front St. - looks like "Son of Crystal Blue".
    Yes I was thinking the same, although I want to wait and see how it looks with a few more floors completed. The irregular sections however look pretty nice!

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    That's a great aerial pic saynotofaux! I see that you posted a few more in other threads. Good stuff.

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    The convention centre looks terrible in that picture. Bring on the redevelopment!

    Thanks saynotofaux for the great shot!
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    I've just posted a behind-the-scenes photo tour of the 300 Front Street West site on the Tridel blog: http://bit.ly/LIgRTy

    A few photos:

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    Thx! I could live in that self climbing platform!
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    Why do they still put mullions at seated eye level?

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    Otherwise you'd need one of the window panes to be larger (read: more expensive).

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    Technically, mullions can never be at seated eye level. Transoms can, though

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    Taken today.

    Popping up from Cityplace

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