I still have mixed feelings about these decisions because I don't think those involved can forsee the long-term implications of their arguments. The OMB can be made out to be either the bane of communities or their saviour depending on how you look at it. It is difficult to stop demographic shifts once they have started. If people are interested in moving into the area flooding the market with multi-residential units is actually a benefitial way to suppress prices and insure that there is a choice of housing options in the long-term. On the other extreme suppressing all new construction actually hastens gentrification trends like population decrease and a reduction in diversity of peoples. Even when community members band together to work towards making their community better the outcomes can be uncertain, meaning the directions they seek do not necessarily result in the outcomes they desire. I always go back to the example of my grandfather who sat on city council in suburban Zurich, where they implemented restrictions on cutting down trees (as they have here). The long-term proven outcome of such a well meaning initiative was a reduction in the number of trees in the city not an increase.