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Thread: St. Clair ROW

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    I'm speechless. The tracks were like that and they poured the concrete anyway. That's remarkable.

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    Transit City.

    Here we go.

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    Is this just stupidity or is there some hidden reason as to why the tracks look like that?

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    ...R.I.P. St Clair West

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    That does look pretty shoddy.
    You would think that this will cause more wear and tear on the streetcar vehicles themselves. Almost makes the case for a do-over....

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    The level of incompetence this city tolerates in its public works never ceases to amaze me.

    I would never wish our city ill, but it seems it's going to take disasters like St. Clair and Transit City to change things for the better. We never learn the easy way...

    Too bad it's going to cost us so dearly.

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    Guys, quit worrying this is simply an alternative to having zig-zagged power wires for pantograph operation. Instead of having the wires zig-zag, they're having the streetcar zig-zag. It's actually quite brilliant if you ask me.

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    Jesus. I'm wondering if motion-sickness bags will have to be handed out during that stretch, assuming, of course, streetcars will be able to travel at a discernible speed along that section of track.

    I'm also thinking: derailment.

    That's almost beyond incompetency into willful, criminal negligence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swarley View Post
    Surely it's better to delay the opening than to have to live with this for years... A competent contractor might even be able to rush and redo it by the 20th, who knows.

    Don't worry, they have to close the whole thing again next year to fix the entrance ramps to St. Clair West! Plenty of time to fix it then....

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    Dear God... That cannot be legal!

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    You should e-mail these to Steve Munro.

    Also, perhaps these should be posted on Spacing Wire if there's anyone who has access to it.

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    This is disgusting. I have little doubt that the individuals involved knew exactly what the result would be.

    There is no way the TTC can let this stand. It _must_ be redone.

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    Just curious if anyone posting here is qualified to speak on the actual implications of that trackage to the running of the streetcars, either in terms of speed or physical impact to the vehicle.

    To all of us laypeople the waving tracks look to be a disaster but are they really? It seems many posters have reached the obvious conclusion that they must be terrible, but beyond their unqualified impression based on the visual inspection is there any basis for these beliefs?

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    I think the photos make things look worse than it really is, thanks to a zoom lens,

    Drum, did some city engineer actually tell you the tracks where off by up to a foot? It looks to me like the tracks are placed where they are to accommodate centre poles and left turn lanes in a narrow street allowance. But of course, it was beyond stupid to insist on centre poles for St Clair, so the city still bears some responsibility

    But you guys can stop deriding transit city based on these photos, those streets have plenty of room to allow for straight trackage and left turn lanes with centre poles.

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    ^^ That's the reason for many of the zig zags... But if you look to every other phase other than this one you will see that the tracks are prodominantly straight and only shift when it is obviously necessary due to the reasons you've stated. In this phase there are kinks that are inexcusable really. There are still some pretty sharp shifts in Phase one's tracks, but nothing like Phase 3.

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