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Thread: GO Transit: Union Station Shed Replacement & Track Upgrades (Zeidler)

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    Rendering Plz....

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    Trust me, if someone here had a rendering, it'd be posted by now.

    Be patient plz.

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    Well, at least there's partial Bush retention, not the whole Brazilian...

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    I've seen the rendering in the Star... I don't have a scanner however.

    The shed is nice, but not "wow". It's the typical Toronto practicality vs impressive design. It serves its purpose and isn't ugly.

    The glass raises quite a bit higher than the old trainshed which will allow light in from the sides in addition to the top.

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    ...scheduled to begin late next summer and will take about 5 1/2 years to complete.
    5 1/2 years?? That seems like a very long time to install a glass roof and repair the rest of the train shed.

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    If I'm not mistaken, the Star rendering also indicated a bit of an OCAD-esque tilty-column effect...

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    I went through the Star's front section and didn't see anything. What page was it on?

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    Found the story a number of places but no pic.

    This sounds much more interesting than what was described at the Union Precinct Planning presentation a long time ago.

    Eager to see the render.
    I'm off to my aA meeting but they haven't helped much so far (recovery seems out of reach when you are boxed in).

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    For those wanting a rendering. Go to your local library and ask for this past Friday's edition of the Toronto Star. Flip through the front section of the paper and you will find the much talked about rendering! Its as simple as that kids!


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    I guess that happens when one does not read the Star.

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    I had my own personal copy of the Star delivered conveniently to my home. I flipped through the front section 3 times and didn't see the render. I kindly requested those who did to please note it which page it was on. Thought it was a pretty simple request, kids!

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    Apparently its not such a simple request CDL, hence no renderings posted to date. I made the suggestion to help those who badly wanted to see it.

    For the record, the news story appeared on Friday, July 20 on page A12 - Greater Toronto Area - Train Station Renovation. I suspect that if you live outside the Greater Toronto Area, that certain news stories and pages are not included in your edition.

    Luckily for you, recycle day doesn't come until later on Tuesday on my street, so I still have Friday's edition handy. I don't have a scanner, but I do have envelope and stamp and I could mail you off the rendering. Simply e-mail your address and I'll put it in the mail today and should have it by tomorrow or the following day.


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    Perhaps the forum member that works at the Toronto Star could obtain it for us.

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    Hey FutureMayor, no digital camera either? You could always snap a pic of the rendering if you did have one.
    Check out the Unity3D space video game I'm working on. Hoping to get it on the PlayStation Network.

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