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Thread: GO Transit: Union Station Shed Replacement & Track Upgrades (Zeidler)

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    jayomatic Guest

    Default Re: Union Train Shed Replacement & $600 million in GO up

    I like the idea of mixing the 2. Clean up the heritage structure. Build a modern glass canopy over it. Add some fantastic changing light or projections and bingo.

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    Junglab2002 Guest

    Default Re: Post: Failed Projects to Get Second Chance (Union Statio

    Amongst other things planned by GO Transit at Union Station is this:

    Planned Construction for Train Shed Roof Rehabilitation

    A design team has been hired to assist with the train shed roof rehabilitation project. This project will see substantial improvements to the passenger environment at platform level. The work will include:

    Replacing the smoke ducts over the tracks with new ones. The historic design is actually very efficient at venting locomotive exhaust away from the passenger zone while keeping out the rain and snow, so the new smoke ducts will replicate the old ones but with new materials that will stand up to the elements better than the originals.
    Taking off the built-up roofing and parts of the timber deck and replacing them with a new roof that is more watertight.
    Fixing the rainwater downspouts.
    Repairing and fixing the steel trusses and painting them. When they were first installed, they were painted a light colour to reflect light. We are going to repaint them in a colour close to the original.
    Improving the lighting on the platform to make it brighter and more energy-efficient. The original lights cast some light up towards the roof so that you could see the trusses and the timber roof deck. The new lighting will also do this to make the roof less dark.
    Removing all of the old wiring and generally organizing the loudspeakers, signs, and lights into a more efficient pattern.
    We are starting to plan how we will do this work. We will have to take tracks out of service one or two at a time and use that area for our trucks and materials. The construction zone will be closed off to separate it from the rest of the passenger areas. Our design team will soon be able to tell us how long this work will take, but we will make every effort to make this time as short as possible.

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    p5archit Guest

    Default Re: Post: Failed Projects to Get Second Chance (Union Statio

    I wonder about this supposed 'Design Team'...But in all fairness, rehabilitating the roof is not a bad idea, but ultimately I would like to see the entire track area, roof included completely overhauled and redone.


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    AlvinofDiaspar Guest

    Default Re: Post: Failed Projects to Get Second Chance (Union Statio

    I am not opposed to rehabing the trainshed as an interim measure, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's going to be another argument to be used by the "save the Bush trainshed" crowd.


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    alklay Guest

    Default Re: Post: Failed Projects to Get Second Chance (Union Statio

    I not opposed to much needed repairs to the train shed but lets admit it: GO Transit has never been known for design excellence - and they are certainly not promising anything close in this exercise of upkeep and maintanence.

    I too would love to see a train shed that was fitting for one of the city's biggest gateways and architectual gems.

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    spmarshall Guest

    Default Re: Post: Failed Projects to Get Second Chance (Union Statio

    I am not opposed to rehabing the trainshed as an interim measure, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's going to be another argument to be used by the "save the Bush trainshed" crowd.
    Our good friend from Ottawa, the "Transit Advocate" David Jeanes, is a "save the Bush trainshed" foamer, and likes to interfere with local train issues (like Blue 22).

    The problem with GO's plan is that it will trap the diesel fumes in that glass area as there will be no ventilation there, while the rest of the Bush shed will remain. The one thing about the current shed, it releases the fumes fairly well without a mechanical ventilation system, but is ugly and dark as it stands now. I would be so happy with a modern glass shed, even burying the tracks in the core, but having the underground tracks be covered by glass in the station itself.

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    adma Guest

    Default Re: Post: Failed Projects to Get Second Chance (Union Statio

    How "movable" might the Bush shed be? (i.e. to another location; say, the Portlands, as an arts/community centre of some sort).

    One thing as it stands; it may be low and grimy, but the Bush shed at least "compliments" the horizontal lines of Union Station, more than some soaring Calatrava-type thing (or even St. Pancras-type thing) might...

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    Mark Dowling Guest

    Default Re: Post: Failed Projects to Get Second Chance (Union Statio

    Ultimately we should be hoping that some of those fumes will be dealt with by electricification of the Lakeshore line and ultimately the Windsor-Quebec.

    Hope that SNC-Lavalin involvement at Islington won't cause Council to cave in on Blue22/Union Station.

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    dashingdan Guest

    Default Re: Post: Failed Projects to Get Second Chance (Union Statio

    Electrification of either GO or VIA I don't see happening in the near future. I don't think either has expressed any interest in electrification. And it would be very expensive needless to say.

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    alklay Guest

    Default Re: Post: Failed Projects to Get Second Chance (Union Statio

    From "The Bulletin":

    Union Station project: The worst (noise) is yet to come

    By Miranda Beninger

    Toronto has recently seen several revitalization projects aiming to make the city more welcoming to both tourists and residents. Regent Park, Dundas Square, Nathan Phillips Square and Union Station are just a few Toronto landmarks getting makeovers.

    But the largest-scale project has yet to come.

    Along with the restoration of facilities in and around Union Station, Toronto’s transportation system is also set to drastically expand—and several historic buildings will be returned to their original glory in the process.

    The GO Transit Rail Improvement Program (GO TRIP) is currently underway. Up until now, most of the work has gone unnoticed by the public. Platforms have been updated and workers have just begun to replace the rail switches that route trains from the point of departure to their destination.

    GO TRIP will replace several parts of the existing railway and equipment and restore or demolish older buildings in the Downtown core. The old railway signaling system—in use since 1927—will be replaced as well.

    David Hopper is the program manager for the Union Station rail corridor infrastructure improvement program. At a recent neighbourhood meeting, he explained the operations of a big city transportation hub.

    “Running a railroad, there is more that goes into it than meets the eye,” he said. “We have to make these infrastructure improvements, before things in the city get so packed that there is nowhere to do the work we need.”

    GO Transit currently moves 160,000 people every day and Hopper is expecting that number to double in the next 25 years.

    This means several new facilities will be needed to support to influx of passengers.

    The Don Yard—an old freight storage building—will be converted into a midday train storage yard between Don and Cherry streets. In the future, extra trains will be put on standby for the rush hour instead of being stored farther away.

    The historic Union Station train shed will be transformed as well. The roof will be restored to its original form, but GO TRIP is planning a new glass atrium to be built in the centre—allowing more natural light to come in.

    The north and south portions of Simcoe Street will finally be connected by a tunnel underneath the train tracks.

    For commuters, the renewal project will have many benefits. Replacing rails will mean a smoother and quieter ride to and from the city. And new tracks will accommodate larger trains to carry more people.

    But there are downsides to the upcoming developments. Noise could become an issue for residents living near construction areas which stretch along the waterfront from the Don River to Strachan Avenue. The scope of the project means construction will take place in locations that are geographically spaced out, and over a long period of time.

    Tom Davidson, a representative from Pam McConnell’s office in Ward 28, says his concern is that contractors follow all the city guidelines.

    “They will have to work with municipal standards to obey all of the noise bylaws,” he said.

    Other residents have health and environmental concerns. Catherina Perez is a mother of three, and she is concerned about a new school that is set to be built right beside one of the construction areas.

    “We need to look at all of the long term effects on the school, and the parks in that area,” she said.

    At the meeting, Hopper assured residents that every precaution will be taken to make sure that safety and noise regulations are met throughout the project and communities will be consulted if any extensions are needed for construction.

    “The closer you are to the station, the more impact there will be on you,” he admits.

    In the future, more trains could mean more noise. But Hopper says the tradeoff will be worthwhile if more people use public transportation.

    GO Transit’s overall expansion program, including the work being done at Union Station, is expected to take seven years to complete and cost well over one billion dollars. The funding comes from a combination of federal, provincial and municipal governments.

  11. Default Union Station GO Train Shed Repairs

    Any updates on the upgrades of GO Train Shed at Union ?

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    I really wish they would just rip the entire shed down and start from scratch. Union needs a new, brighter shed. I know that a glass roof isnt really possible because of snow fall, and would get incredibly dirty.... but the current roof is a gloomy monstrosity.

    I would love to see a curving roof which mimics the waves of Lake Ontario. It could have several skylights to bring in natural light.

    I also would LOVE to see the entire length of the rail tracks from Union to Spadina (or even to Bathurst) be decked over, and a linear sculpture park be created on top.

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    Apr 2007
    Yonge & Mt.Pleasant


    The rebuilt shed will be much brighter and slowly all the ugly enclosed stairways will be replaced with stairs surrounded by waist height railings and glass. This should create a nice open feel to the whole platform. Once all the soot is no longer coating the roof it should look alot nicer as well. I wish there were colour photos of the shed when it was first opened.

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    I know that a glass roof isnt really possible because of snow fall
    I have seen renderings for the chosen design. Don't rule that out!

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    Apr 2007
    East Mississauga


    I don't think it's the snow that would be the problem, it's the diesel exhaust. Keeping the glass clean would be a nightmare.

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