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Thread: Cherry St. bridge down for repairs

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    billonlogan Guest

    Default Cherry St. bridge down for repairs

    Link to article

    Cherry St. bridge down for repairs

    The Cherry St. bridge connecting Lake Shore Blvd. E. to the portlands will be shut for four months because it is unsafe.

    "We have a bridge that needs structural repair," said John Bryson, the city's manager of structures and expressways.

    "Some of the structural components have corroded and have breaks. It makes it dicey to travel on."

    Fixing the lift bridge wasn't on the agenda for this year, Bryson said, but a firm hired by the city found it needs immediate repairs.

    The bridge, which is operated by the Toronto Port Authority, won't close until Sept. 5 or 6, but the city is trying to get immediate restrictions on it to keep heavy trucks away.

    When in good repair, the bridge can handle about 50 tonnes -- it's now down to holding nine tonnes.

    Bryson said it will cost about $700,000 to fix the half-century-old structure. It will reopen in January.

    This is another hit for The Docks. The Cherry St. bridge is the most direct access to both the entertainment complex and Cherry beach.

    "It's a bit of a hassle," said Docks general manager Tony Grossi, whose bar lost its liquor licence briefly this summer. He said signs will direct patrons to the 1.5-km detour to the complex.

    Not sure which bridge they are referring; the big one over the shipping channel or the one over the Keating Channel.

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    AlchemisTO Guest


    As long as they don't replace it with a concrete bridge to MTO standards. Despite being a Great Lakes city, Toronto lacks the industrial muscle of cities like Detroit, Chicago or Buffalo in our architecture. This bridge is one of our best; possibly my second favourite after the BD Viaduct.

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    goodboys Guest

    Default re: cherry street bridge down for repairs

    Keating Channel bridge. Shipping channel bridge is south of the Docks. People driving to the Docks will detour alonog Lakeshore east towards to Don Roadway, south to Commissioners, west to Cherry, then south along Cherry to the Docks.

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    adma Guest

    Default Re: re: cherry street bridge down for repairs

    And it isn't exactly a "muscle" bridge; more of a minor "50s contemporary" landmark--especially for its little cantilevered Miesian operations cabin (which was once nicely steel + black spandrels; unfortunately, they beiged it up a few years ago).

    Interestingly, I referred to said cabin in the "fantasy conversion" thread a few days ago...

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