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Thread: Oxford, UK

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    ganjavih Guest

    Default Oxford, UK

    Here's Part II of my Euro tour, Oxford. Enjoy.

    A warm welcome for Dubya around the time of the G8 summit in Gleneagles.

    The Oxford colleges take their lawn care very seriously. Look at it! It's perfect!

    Ashmolean Museum

    Oxford Castle... around 1000 years old.

    Own a condo within the castle walls!

    Another immaculate lawn. Be prepared to get yelled at if you step on it.

    The Radcliffe Camera. Still not sure why it's called a camera.

    One of my favourite things about Oxford... the kebab vans. Time to import these things to TO.

    The End

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    spmarshall Guest


    Wow. Didn't realize how spectacular Oxford is. I'll definately keep it in mind whenever I get a chance to back to Britain.

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    MrOttawa Guest


    OED (Oxford Eng Dic) defines Camera (Latin) as: Arched or vaulted roof or chamber.

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    wyliepoon Guest


    Nice town. Too bad people today can't build towns like these anymore.

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    TdotTrickyRicky Guest


    I stayed at Christchurch college back when I was 18 and drank straight gin in Sir Issac Newton's room. The grounds keeping sure is fantastic, of course there is a stern old english grounds keeper around every corner telling you where you can and can't walk. Oxford is a great little university town. Ironically the "old" gothic architecture is actually neo-gothic, at its time designed with the deliberate attempt to mimmick old style buildings. A more mature example of how historicist buildings are accepted over time no matter how "authentic".

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    building babel Guest


    Do you think they are accepted? I find Victorian neo-Gothic buildings as irritating as 1930's neo-Georgian buildings whenever I'm in Oxford or London or other British cities. Faux is faux is faux. You can't successfully fake the original.

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    ganjavih Guest


    That's the first time I've heard the Mother of all Parliaments described as faux.

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    building babel Guest


    Well it is faux.

    Westminster Abbey, which dates from the 13th century, is Gothic.

    The Palace of Westminster, which dates from the 19th century is neo-Gothic / Renaissance.

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    ganjavih Guest


    The Palace of Westminster, which dates from the 19th century is neo-Gothic / Renaissance.
    I know, and it's a masterpiece. Called it faux because it was built in the wrong century is kinda silly isn't it?

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    forbiddenLYNX Guest

    Default holy moly


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    building babel Guest


    The 19th century wasn't the wrong century in which to build a neo-Gothic building. It was the perfect century because that was when Gothic was being revived.

    That still doesn't make it authentically Gothic though. When you revive a previous style of architecture it cannot be anything else but faux. Hence the "neo-" in neo-Gothic.

    Nice photographs though.

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    Brighter Hell Guest


    great shots - i didn't have a digital when i was there so i'm stealing your pics

    this thread reminded me of a sample of anthony wood's history of the university that i have saved. i love the way people spoke in 1674....

    "On tuesday 10th February 1354 (being the feast of St Scholastica the virgin) came Walter de Sprinheuse, Roger de Chesterfield, and other clerks to the tavern called Swyndlestock. And there calling for wine, John de Croydon the vintner brought them some, but they disliking it.. and he avouching it to be good, several snappish words passed between them. At length the vintner giving them stubborn and saucy language, they threw the wine and vessel at his head. The vintner therefore receding with great passion," ....got a bunch of his buddies and a good old fashioned town n' gown battle broke out.

    too bad the art of snappish words and saucy language has been lost over the centuries :lol

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    TO Tower Fan Guest


    Okay, so do all cops in the UK now wear those bright fluorescent jackets? I've noticed it in both of your threads.

    Great shots as always........especially this one:

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    building babel Guest


    All Souls College, founded by Henry VI in 1438:


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    adma Guest


    There's nothing wrong with labelling c19 Gothic "faux". But these days, to take it this far as a dismissive judgment call has a whiff of a 40+-year time-warp; either that, or a Roger Kimball-esque hearkening back to a period before taste-judgment consenses became warped by politically-correct pluralism, etc...

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