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Thread: Toronto Mid 1970's

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    CliffColeclough Guest

    Default Toronto Mid 1970's

    Recently got an old CBC TV show from the 1970's. Lots of city shots, I tried to screen cap them as best I could - hope you like them.

    The above one is looking high above in a northerly direction at the Four Seasons Hotel

    I think these two are from Bloor Ave around Bay St. I believe there use to be a move theatre right on Bloor (not the Cumberland Theatre)

    Above three are various skyline shots

    Above two I am pretty sure are Yorkville Ave.

    Anyone recognize these apartments?

    Interesting paint job

    Artsy shot - can you recognize the building?

    Looking north on Queen's Park Circle/University Ave - Four Seasons on the right

    Old Canada Post mailbox - love the pickup times

    Disco Floating World - where was this located?


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    bizorky Guest


    The Floating World Disco.

    Located anywhere the music and cocaine was available.

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    fiendishlibrarian Guest


    Kinda hoping for some shots of PCCs and yellow police cars (although the Grey Coach bus brings back memories). Oh well, cool pics though. Isn't the dude with the mustache on Da Vinci's Inquest?

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    GeekyBoyTO Guest


    The University Theatre...now Pottery Barn.


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    bizorky Guest



    I think you're right. Good eye!

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    ganjavih Guest


    Cool pics. What happened to those pretty lamp posts?

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    Danny225 Guest


    ^ thats what i was just gonna ask!

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    Observer Walt Guest


    The pictures of the apartment buildings are from St. James Town, back in the day when it was still a somewhat trendy place. The top picture shows 650 Parliament Street, on the right, looking north, with buildings at Parliament St. and Howard St. in the background. The lower picture is either 260 or 280 Wellesley Street East.

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    ceaz40 Guest


    The "Floating World Disco" was the Holiday Inn Chestnutt Tree behind city hall...that sign lasted in the window until the early to mid '80's.

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    Brighter Hell Guest


    Isn't the dude with the mustache on Da Vinci's Inquest?
    and he was on danger bay :lol

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    building babel Guest


    Ahhhh .... the Floating World ... and the Carriage House on Jarvis ... them was the days ....

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    GeekyBoyTO Guest



    Tell us a story? (or 10!)?


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    GeekyBoyTO Guest


    417 Yonge St. - south of College on the east side.


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    CliffColeclough Guest


    Wow - thanks everyone for the responses. I think all my questions were answered. I knew I came to the right place!

    If I come across anymore stuff like this, I will certainly post it.

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    adma Guest


    Atmospherics here, people--"Who loves you, pretty baby/Who's gonna help you through the night/Who loves you pretty mama/Who's always there to make it right"

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