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Thread: Toronto considering doubling development charges

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    Actually, Glen what you are referencing is not sewer capacity but the potable water lines (water mains). I specifically mentioned potable water lines as an urgent infrastructure need in my post.

    Here is where I read about the sewer line capacity: http://www.beachmetro.com/2012/12/18...pment-ward-32/

    The short answer to what impact condo developments might have on sewage capacity, according to Bowering, is none. The Beach has a combined sewer system, which carries sewage during dry weather, as well as runoff from buildings during wet weather. Because the sewers were designed for carrying storm water, the amount of space taken up by actual sewage is a small fraction of the overall capacity of the pipe.
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    Regarding the fees and the costs, here is what former Mayor John had to say......

    City council’s budget for growth related capital expenditures this year is $659 million; $811 million in 2013; and $568 million in 2014. Council imposes a development charge for each new unit of housing, but the total revenue from development charges is budgeted at just $91 million this year and smaller amounts for the following years. The shortfall in meeting the costs of growth is well over a half-billion dollars a year. And the property taxes collected from these new units is not expected to pay for the operating costs of the new facilities. All that growth is causing a major financial problem.
    Where Toronto's troubles begin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen View Post
    Regarding the fees and the costs, here is what former Mayor John had to say......

    I accept the numbers and his conclusion. What is the solution? Have new developments cover the true cost of their impacts on infrastructure? Raise property taxes? Discourage growth?

    Sprawl built on the fringe of town is also heavily subsidized as the the impact fees and property taxes raised from the development will never cover the true costs associated with the development. The costs of building and maintaining new roads, water/sewer infrastructure, schools, and the ongoing costs such as trash collection and snow clearing of sparsely populated communities ensure that sprawl it is a revenue losing proposition for a municipality. That's one of the reasons why I support intensification over sprawl. However, looking at these numbers that show condo development, at least in Toronto, is also being subsidized, makes me rethink a few arguments. I thank you for the enlightenment.

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    Someone's been reading your forum posts Glen


    There’s been a lot of talk lately about development charges and what the funds are used for. This is a great opportunity to inform the dialogue because it’s a complex topic that needs some explanation...

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    Perhaps they should just limit this to the old city of Toronto and act as an incentive to less suburbanize the remainder of the 416.

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