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Thread: Posting Photos On Urban Toronto (updated February 2013)

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    Default Posting Photos On Urban Toronto (updated February 2013)

    Posting Photos On Urban Toronto

    There are three options for you to use when posting photos on Urban Toronto.

    1. From a picture on your computer or device (phone/tablet etc.)

    Start by replying to a thread. Then use the menu at the top and select "Insert Image" (third icon from the right). Click "From Computer" and click "Select Files" to grab the photo from your drive that you want to post. Once you have selected the photo you click "Upload File(s). This will automatically add the photo to your post. Add your text and save. Your post is then complete.

    Here's what it should look like.

    Name:  RegentPark022811-1.jpg
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Size:  68.7 KB

    2. Using an outside photo hosting service.

    There are outside sites such as Flickr, Imageshack and Photobucket that will host your photo. The hosting site will provide you a url for each image that you have hosted with them. Take that unique url and then follow the instructions found in Part 1.

    3. From a picture already on the web.

    If the image is already on-line (on another web-site) then you need to obtain the url for the photo. The url is for the photo itself and not the page it is found on. You can get the image url by:

    - In Safari: Hold the Control key on your keyboard, click on the photo you want to use and then select "Copy Link"
    - in Chrome: right-click on the image and select "Copy image URL"
    - in Firefox: right-click on the image and select "Copy Image Location"
    - in Internet Explorer: right-click on the image, select "Properties", highlight the Address field and press Ctrl+C
    (we use a Safari on a MAC so we have not tested to see if the instructions for PC are still up-to-date. Please let us know if we need to make any changes.)

    So for the following story:


    The url for the first image is.


    Once you have the url go and post a reply in a thread. Using the menu at the top of the new post select "Insert Image" (third icon from the right). Click "From URL" and insert the photo's url into the box. Click okay and you'll see the photo. Add text and save the post and you are done. This would be the result

    Westwood Update
    Name:  urbantoronto-7092-23684.jpg
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    by the Humber


    Method number 2 worked just fine for me tonight in the NTX condos thread. Happy to have that system now!


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    It would be cool if the Android "Share" photo function was integrated into these forums.
    Canadian architecture I like: https://twitter.com/renderpornstar

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    We're going to improve the photo sharing feature here in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Flickr integration would be grand too!

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    Is the 'Go Advanced' step really necessary. Can't we just go directly to it.

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    Any tips for quickly sharing photos from a mobile phone?

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    We have a new way of adding photos but still a little clunky from a mobile point of view. Need to make the forum mobile friendly which it currently is not.


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