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Thread: Premier Kathleen Wynne and What Her Election Means for Transit

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOareaFan View Post
    So, to end this, I think from amongst the current political leaders she is the most likely to get something done on transit/gridlock (for the reasons I give above) (and I am, generally, a "tory") that said, I found that comment a bit funny. Hopefully, that is the end of it.
    Oh, I agree. I just wondered if I'd missed part of her quote.

    Quite frankly, I miss Bill Davis ... and I don't normally vote Tory.

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    The Ontario Liberals are looking for ideas. To get your input, go to their website at http://commonground.ontarioliberal.ca/

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    You need to be logged in or signed on to vote or post an idea. Click on the Recent tab for the list of new ideas, on the Popular tab for the list of ideas with the most votes.
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