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Thread: Yes, MCC again.

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    ahrvojic Guest

    Default Yes, MCC again.

    Absolute coming along nicely

    Cherry blossoms peeking through from Kariya Park

    Lots of space for new development (ahem, Hurontario LRT)


    No. 1 City Centre

    Eden Park

    Cooksville Creek

    City Hall, Citygate, and The Capital

    Mississauga Valley Park

    The west end of Bloor at Mississauga Valley Blvd

    Absolute from Mississauga Valley

    Burnhamthorpe and Hurontario looking west


    Elm & Hurontario

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    Tuscani01 Guest


    Nice pics! Especially this one...

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    Observer Walt Guest

    Default Yes, MCC again.

    Thanks for the "birds-eye" views. You got some good shots.

    Let the complaining begin about "no pedestrians"!

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    FutureMayor Guest


    The picture above was taken at my old elementary school - Metropolitian Andrei School on Mississauga Valley Blvd.!

    Great shot!


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    SD2 Guest


    I think these are probably the best pics of Mississauga ever posted on this board.

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    yyzer Guest


    Very Nice Pics, ahrvojic! MCC just keeps on growing....

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    ahrvojic Guest


    Wow, thanks everyone!

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    cassiusa Guest


    Thanks for the great pics.

    So, if Mississauga decides to do LRT, will they need to remove the trees in the middle of the road first? That'd be a real shame.

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    fouratjajou Guest


    Great pics!!! To think where all those beutiful trees will end up if an LRT goes through.

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    FutureMayor Guest


    Have you seen how wide Hurontario Steet is in the City Centre? There is more than enough space to keep the trees and an LRT line.


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